MIDlet Bible News / Progression Report


It seems it'll take some more days (at least) to publish my forthcoming MIDlet Bible, the premiere resource of ALL MIDlet-related information for Windows Mobile users. The sole reason for this is the need to communicate with most of the developers (IBM, Aplix, Esmertec), which may take days (if they do read and answer my mails at all), particularly because I've asked them several questions (most importantly, making Aplix' and Esmertec's, now, OEM-only distribution model a bit more flexible, allowing individual users to download / purchase their MIDlet managers separately).

In the meantime, I've published an excerpt of the Bible on the TAO Intent MIDlet Manager, its different versions, where you should get it from, which one you should choose etc. It's a definitely a must read if you "only" have a 10.1-series (old) TAO Intent manager or would like to know how to speed up your current 11.1 (new) series and how it can be installed on a storage card.

Also, don’t forget that the (just-updated) charts already contain some tricks you may not have been aware of / never been published before.

Thanks, Bible updated :)

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