MIDlet manager news; anyone from Esmertec, Aplix or IBM?

With the recent release of Opera Mini 4 beta 2 (see the review, which has even been frontpaged by SmartphoneThoughts, HERE), which, in many respects, even better than Opera Mobile, the, so far, best Windows Mobile browser, Opera Mobile got a really serious contender.

Now, some really bright people have found out how individual MIDlets under the latest-and-greatest MIDlet Manager (the environment that runs MIDlets, including Opera Mini), Jbed by Esmertec, can be made run directly, via a direct link in, say, your Programs folder. This vastly reduces the time needed to start Opera Mini, and might also offer (I haven’t tested this as yet – it certainly works with IBM J9, another MIDlet manager) some other goodies – for example, making Opera Mini for the default, system-wide browser. That is, when you for example click a link in a HTML mail (or, click a file in the file system), Opera Mini will be automatically invoked and the link target (or, the file) rendered. Please see THIS page for more information.

Speaking of other MIDlet Managers, a lot has happened to TAO Intent MIDlet Manager as well. Well-known XDA-Developers hacker “Risidoro” has managed to 1, fix the “one shot” security problem of the, so far, only .1034 version of TAO Intent; 2, create a CAB file of an even more up-to-date (.1036) version of this MIDlet Manager. The latter works flawlessly and also has the ability to be installed to a storage card (which, so far, only the Russian hacked .1023 versions were capable of). Upgrading to it is highly recommended if you want to stay with TAO Intent (because, for example, of its M3G (3D) capabilities, which not even the latest Esmertec Jbed offers.) Please see THIS thread for more information.

Hopefully, Risidoro also manages to create a decent installer of another MIDlet manager, Jblend by Aplix, which comes with devices like the Sharp Zero, the Samsung BlackJack and sports pretty unique capabilities; for example, M3G (3D) support. See the THIS thread for more info.

Second, a request. Does anyone work for Esmertec, Aplix or IBM? Please tell the folks to read their mail – I won’t publish my long-promised MIDlet Bible before I am able to discuss all the related questions (most importantly the OEM-only issue of Jbed’s / Jblend’s, the two best and most standards-compliant MIDlet manaers today). If my mails (I’ve sent them last Sunday) are lost, I’m ready to re-send them. Feel free to mail me at werner_AT_remove_th1s_pocketpcmag_d0t_com.

UPDATE: The Esmertec and the IBM folks have answered my mail - that is, I only need Aplix to do the same.

UPDATE (10/10/2007): received an answer from Aplix too.

mail sent.

tobbbie, thanks for the tip!

Chris, I'm too waiting for an answer from Esmertec - I've sent them several mails and haven't received any mails from them for over a month. I've only received one confirmation mail ("we'll answer your questions") about a month ago.

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