New bugfix (2.23) version imov Messenger Enterprise out for MS Smartphones – a worthy pick!

In my well-known (for example, Smartphone Thoughts frontpaged) MS Smartphone Instant Messaging Bible published a week ago, I’ve also elaborated on the excellent imov Messenger Enterprise, one of the best and most feature-rich instant messaging solutions for the MS Smartphone (WM Standard) platform.

Then, I’ve emphasized there were two annoyances with the then-current, 2.22 version of imov Messenger: the lack of auto-logging (without manually enabling it after starting the client) and the dynamic orientation changing of the HTC Vox (s710) or, for that matter, any similar slide-out Smartphone models released in the future.

Fortunately, the auto-logging feature is correctly implemented in the new (2.23) version. This means if you once enable Menu / Actions / Log Messages, it’ll stick and will always log conversations into the root directory of your handheld. You don’t need to disable and, then, re-enable it after restarting the program either, which is also a really welcome feature.

The dynamic portrait change support is also MUCH better (albeit still not flawless) than in the previous version. The only flaw in this version is that the text input field is always positioned in a way that there is way for the XT9 recommendation field under it. This means if there’re no XT9 recommendations (or, any kind of input), the lowermost part of the screen won’t be used as can be seen in THIS (portrait) and THIS (Landscape; after sending the message, another screenshot HERE) screenshots.

All in all, the new version is highly recommended for all Smartphone users.

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