New version of best Midlet manager released!

Do you want to run the excellent, small applications called 'midlets' on your Pocket PC phone? Do you want to use the great, free, superfast alternative web browser Opera Mini and Google Maps on your phone? The excellent folks over at XDA-Dev (hands down the most lively Pocket PC Phone Edition forum on the Web) have just released a new version of the best Midlet manager for Pocket PC Phone Edition devices, Intent Midlet Manager version build 20060907. The latter means it's about a year newer than the Intent Midlet Manager version that has come with most of the Pocket PC phones and is really worth upgrading to. For example, it already supports WM5 softkeys (which were still missing from earlier versions); it has no problems with Google Maps either. It's available here (xda [at] ftp [dot] xda-developers [dot] com/Wizard/Misc/">direct link to the ZIP file). All you need to do is uncompressing the CAB file from the archive, transfer it to your Pocket PC phone and just tap it to be installed. Note that you need to install it in the main storage and it will NOT work on non-Phone Edition devices. That is, don't even try to install it on, say, a Dell Axim x51v - it just won't work. I've thoroughly tested it on my HTC Universal and found it excellent.

Terence, sure there is! Get for example THIS CAB file. It should work on your device (the linked CAB file is WM5+ only).

"Visitor", Terence and Encin: there is a brand new tutorial, with links to non-Phone Edition versions as well, at

This will also be part of my forthcoming MIDlet Bible.

Michael, try THIS. Note that the download link will only be available after 2-3 days ( is experiencing technical difficulties); I'll also post a mirror link at least to the main chart of my forthcoming MIDlet Bible when it's available again (now, I don't have a local copy; this is why I can't mirror it either.)

Greg, are you sure you downloaded the right version? It's only the older 10.x series that is (still) compatible with WM2003(SE), not the newer 11.x. That is, you'll need THIS file.

(BTW, in the meantime, I've publised the MIDlet Bible; I've also linked in these old files from its chart.)

Michael, it should be

199#"\Program Files\TAO\Jmm.exe" -r"Opera Mini","Opera Software ASA","Opera Mini"

Let me know if it doesn't work.

I've also uploaded the link file HERE (the storage card version is HERE).

Did you also try the first LNK file I've provided?

(BTW, where's your jmm.exe located at?)

Michael, unfortunately, there's no back shortcut except for the right softkey (which isn't available under pre-WM5) and, on Smartphones only, the Back hardware key.

However, to avoid having to use the touchscreen (a quick switch back to non-full screen mode & tapping the right softkey), you could try creating a MortScript script issuing the #5 sentence. Then, you only need to press DOWN and Action. (Unfortunately, the latter two can't be issued from MortScript, as it doesn't support button scancodes).

Andre, sorry, I shoudl have flagged this article as deprecated - currently, Jbed is the most recommended MIDlet manager for WM. It's available for download HERE and is thoroughly explained in the currently published MIDlet Bible.

KK, give a try to the "hacked", WM2003SE PE-complian Jbed version linked to from HERE.

KK, great to hear it works. Play with the MUI (language / resource) files - over at XDA-Devs (in my MIDlet Bible thread), someone has managed to do it. If you don't succeed, tell me, and when I have some time, I check it myself and publish how it needs to be done.

i really this type of

i really this type of applications on my phone another really cool app is the mapquest navigator it has even got voice guided driving directions

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