New version of brand new, freeware IRC client zsIRC released!

New versions of zsIRC, of which the first version debuted only three weeks ago, are constantly released; the latest one yesterday. While it’s still not as powerful (for example, it lacks DCC and color support (and the author lists them on his "current NOT-to-do" list), it has no settings GUI etc) as the commercial PocketIRC or wmIRC (the two best IRC clients for the Pocket PC), it may still be worth checking out. As a freeware client, compared to the other, freeware alternates ( 1.14, ProChat 0.7beta, PocketCHAT 1.1.8 and the Java Midlet-based ones), it is starting to become a worthy alternative. The homepage of zsIRC is available here. Recommended links for more information on the alternates IRC Applications for the Pocket PC A Quick Test of Three Alternative IRC Clients

Thanks, I'll check and report on them some time!

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