Opera Mini + (W)VGA users, attention: a hacked, VGA-friendly Jbed version has been released!

(Technical note: as of 01/02/2009 2:57 AM CET, the images in the article and the mirrored download aren’t accessible. Hope they’ll become available in about 10 hours. That is, make sure you check back in 10-15 hours if you’d really want to see them. Sorry for the inconvenience - my database back-end has been having problems and the CS people have been away.)

As has been explained in THIS article (alternative HERE), the probably best MIDlet manager (the environment needed to run, among other things, the excellent, free Opera Mini Web browser), Jbed has never been the most optimal solution to run Opera Mini (or other text-intensive apps) on high-resolution (VGA or WVGA – that is, not QVGA!) devices, mostly because it only used pretty small characters even with Opera Mini’s using extra large ones.

Up until now, the only solution was going for alternative MIDlet managers if you wanted something better with considerably larger character sizes: either the vastly outdated and no longer supported IBM J9, TAO Intent (see the MIDlet bible for more info on them) or the somewhat better, but still handicapped (no full screen mode) hacked Jblend.

Fortunately, a helpful soul at XDA-Developers has hacked the latest and greatest 20080912.5.1 version of Jbed for VGA devices. Now, it sports considerably larger characters than the non-hacked version. Let me show you a direct comparison between the two.

First, the old version displaying a DPReview article and the main menu:

Then, the new version, showing the DPR article:

and the main menu:

See the difference? Huge, isn’t it?

You can download the new Jbed version HERE – get the Esmertec Jbed 20080912.5.1.zip (direct link HERE; requires free registration ; I’ve also mirrored it HERE).

Warning: No sound!

As opposed to the, in this regard, best Cloudyfa 20070802.2.1 (see THIS), it doesn’t support sound. That is, you might want to hack the two into separate directories, should you want to keep a Jbed version with sound for your games.

Hi Menn, Is there a

Hi Menn,

Is there a difference between this hacked jbed and the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Apps\Esmertec Java\Device Info\Java Font] modifications?


Only Jbed versions released

Only Jbed versions released after September 2008 support this. 

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