PocketIRC 1.2.1 released – now, the always-on ClearType bug is fixed; additional color displaying tests with the four best Pocke

It was just a few days ago that I’ve reported on the last, 1.2 version of PocketIRC, the great IRC client being released. Probably my biggest grief with the application (in addition to the still-missing logging capabilities) was the always-on ClearType.

Now, a new, 1.2.1 bugfix build has been released, which uses the system-level ClearType setting. This means it no longer uses ClearType when it’s not needed:

Unfortunately, there are no other changes; for example, still there is no logging.

Color rendering capabilities of the four best IRC clients (PocketIRC, wmIRC, zsIRC, mIRCy)

Now that I’ve tested PocketIRC’s ability to render (inverse) colors (see the above screenshot), I’ve also done the same to the new clients I’ve tested.

  1. the free zsIRC and the commercial (!) mIRCy 1.0 don’t support them at all (neither normal nor inverse)
  2. wmIRC 2.2 still doesn’t support inverse colors, only normal ones.

That is, color support-wise PocketIRC 1.2.1 is the best, wmIRC is the second and the others don’t support colors at all.

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