Running Motorola-specific Midlet games on the Pocket PC? YES!!

In this XDA-Dev thread, forum member therealholg stated the Intent Midlet Manager (which is shipped with all Pocket PC Phone Edition devices as is pointed out in, say, Java Midlets on the Pocket PC - the Complete Tutorial) is able to run Motorola midlets (that is mini Java mostly leisure applications - read: games).

I’ve given this a try to find out whether it’s true as the Midlet manager can’t execute most other, device-specific Midlet programs (Nokia or Sony-Ericsson ones). I was delighted to see that this is indeed true: the Intent Midlet Manager was indeed able to run the majority of the (well, not very new, but still, some of them is pretty playable and enjoyable on the Pocket PC) Midlets I’ve thrown it at.

A breakdown of the midlets I’ve tested the Midlet manager with (along with their filedates, -sizes; “invalid JAR†stands for the Midlet manager’s inability to deploy the midlet) some midlets:

02/06/2003 10:03 PM 57,014 ArcanaFortunev525.jar Arcana Fortune (Panit 001): invalid JAR
12/30/2002 03:07 PM 43,260 Atomic.jar (Neil Johan Broiadbent, 1.0): invalid JAR
11/05/2003 01:29 PM 52,112 BomberMan.jar (Sun, 1.0): OK
05/13/2003 08:06 AM 48,151 Casino.jar (Motorola, 1.0.0): OK
01/31/2004 09:50 AM 89,263 MotoGPv525.jar MotoGP (THQ Inc., 5.2.20): crashes the PPC upon loading
03/12/2003 08:36 AM 115,175 TripleX720.jar xXx: Triple Threat (Sony Pictures, 1.1.3): works OK
01/18/2004 03:36 PM 85,177 YoyoFighter3.jar Yoyo Fighter (Sumea, 1.0.7): works OK; recommended!
05/07/2003 04:38 PM 57,114 B-Man.jar (Tracebit Ltd, 1.12.11): OK
04/01/2002 03:08 PM 18,588 BattleBots.jar (Sun, 1.0): invalid JAR
11/17/2003 04:34 AM 30,432 Bingo.jar (JSmart Tech, 1.2): OK
05/01/2003 05:16 PM 10,974 BloFun.jar (MC, 0.0.1): OK (tetris clone)
05/01/2003 05:16 PM 61,190 BrickChampion.jar (Joerg Tuttas, 3.0.0): OK
04/15/2003 08:33 PM 84,590 ChicksWithBricks.jar Chicks-With-Bricks (Nokia 7650 King, 1.00): starts, but can't select main menu items
03/08/2004 01:55 PM 103,746 CrashNBurnv525.jar CrashNBurn (Macroscape Ltd 1.0.5): OK (Spanish (you can select menus with Enter); even has music)
03/08/2004 01:55 PM 57,028 EurosportFootballv525.jar Eurosport Football (THQ Inc, 1.0.8 ): OK (screen often exits the physical screen)
02/15/2004 01:23 AM 67,022 FindingNemov525.jar Finding Nemo (Disney Mobile, 1.0): OK
02/20/2004 12:27 AM 52,760 Four3dv525.jar Four 3D (IT Experts, 1.0.0): Must be controlled by numeric keys; crashes in one=player mode after the computer's move
04/30/2003 04:19 PM 43,638 GirlsSlider.jar GirlsSlider (Joerg Tuttas, 1.0): crashes after splash screen
03/20/2003 10:47 AM 45,373 GlassCube.jar GlassCube (AardAsnails 1.12): works great, makes great use of VGA screens as can also be seen in here

All in all, if you have Motorola midlets (games etc) around and would like to run / play them on your Pocket PC Phone Edition device, do give them a try – it’s highly likely that you will, as opposed to Nokia and Sony-Ericsson-specific midlets, able to run them.

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