Sneak peek: my forthcoming Midlet Manager Bible


I've been working on a FULL roundup of ALL midlet managers available today.

In addition to thoroughly comparing the current midlet managers to each other, I'll also publish really thorough, reliable and never-before-published, tips, tricks, benchmark and compatibility results. You'll LOVE them.

Currently, the backbone of the roundup, the charts, are (more or less) ready. Feel free to comment on them. They are as follows:

Features, some tricks, standards compliance reports

Game compatibility reports

jBenchmark Benchmark Results

Note that the charts don't elaborate on the following midlet managers:

NSICom CrE-ME: this manager is still (as of version 4.12) pretty weak (MIDP 1-only, really low resolution, problems with connecting to the Net etc.). This means it, in most cases, should not be used. Strange the developers still call it "the world's most reliable J2ME/CDC Java Virtual Machine technology for Embedded platforms". While CrE-ME is without doubt the BEST JVM out there right now for running individual applications / applets (which are vastly different from midlets), its Midlet support is really bad.

Coretek Delta Java Manager: this is only slightly better than NSICom's above-mentioned CrE-ME. While it's compatible with quite a few games, it has severe problems; most importantly, its utilized screen estate is tied to 176*220. This means you won't be able to run your midlets using the real, full screen estate of your QVGA / VGA / WVGA Pocket PC's or Smartphones.

Mitac JVM: an old (2003), another pretty bad and not recommended midlet manager.

Therax, thanks for the update; as I'm still awaiting response from the MIDlet manager developers, I've put the writing on hold; this is why I've only posted the related news as a separate news item.

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