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Small developer houses and independent developers have always struggled with the cost of tools to compete with the BIG BOYS. It has never been enough to just have a great concept for a game or productivity program. Turning the concept into a finished product is key but in the end, marketing has to be a huge component of the developers time and cost. Anyone getting into developing software for distribution must take promotion as seriously as the development of the software. Even before a product can be successfully promoted, quality promotional materials must be created to insure maximum exposure quickly. Any quality product will surely have documents and promotional literature created in an Adobe Acrobat format. The going price for Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard is around $300.00 USD currently. This is a good investment but a costly one for the independent developer.

Now, we have an alternative to using the actual Adobe Acrobat. It's called DeskPDF and comes from Docudesk.

For starters, the software is priced at $29.95 USD. Certainly a great value specially when it supports all the features of the Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard program.

In addition it has these features:

- Supports 60+ standard page sizes in addition to custom sizes
- Auto name. title, and directory settings
- Smart profiles to apply often used settings
- Custom configurations

If you are not familiar with the use of Adobe Acrobat, here are some of the key features which are also included in DeskPDF.

- Create a text searchable protected document from over 300 different Windows applications
- Apply watermarks and stamps to further protect the contents from unauthorized use.
- Convert bookmarks and hyperlinks in original documents
- 128 bit encryption to restrict right to view, copy, print, and modify
- Document merging - pre pend and append

The true beauty of DeskPDF is in how the actual conversion features are accessed. The program itself installs in Windows as a new printer driver. Just print to the DeskPDF from your application and the file is converted into a professional PDF file. You also have the ability to "drag and drop", and "right click" to convert existing files via Windows Explorer.

The DeskPDF printer driver properties dialog box has all the capabilities listed to allow for full customization before converting your file to the PDF format. With DeskPDF Professional being available for only $29.95 USD, there is no longer an excuse for developers to stay with only text, MS Word or HTML as the format for providing user documents or promotional literature.

Anyone currently not utilizing PDF documents as a method for distributing protected documents have to take a closer look at DeskPDF.
DeskPDF will certainly allow you to take advantage of the widely used document format at a cost effective price point. It's easy to install, simple to use and will quickly accelerate your product and companies image to a higher level of acceptance. Check out DeskPDF and also the other products from Docudesk.

Hi Pathologo:

Thanks for your comment. There are certainly others like the pdfFactory that has similar capabilities.

There is even a totally free version called PrimoPDF from

It's not as featured packed but at least does still convert your documents to a PDF as easy as the ones above.

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