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Back up your Microsoft Reader activation

According to the Microsoft Reader Activation FAQ, one is permitted to activate up to 6 different devices using the same Microsoft Passport account. Various gadget sites around the web have recently calimed that that figure has now been raised to eight, and if that has indeed happened, the FAQ has not yet been updated to support the contention.


According to the Microsoft Reader Activation FAQ, one is permitted to activate up to 6 different devices using the same Microsoft Passport account.

Various gadget sites around the web have recently calimed that that figure has now been raised to eight, and if that has indeed happened, the FAQ has not yet been updated to support the contention.


How Can I Add Fonts to My Device?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have more fonts available to use than just those which ship with your device? Just follow these three simple steps and you will be able to use any TrueType (TTF) font you want with any program on your device which supports fonts, such as ones for text creation, ebook reading, even a graphics program.

1) Find and download some TTF fonts
2) Use ActiveSync to navigate to the /Windows or /Windows/fonts directory of your device
3) Simply transfer them over
Hint: look in the fonts directory on your desktop computer. Lots of TTF fonts there.


Ilium Screen Capture - free utility just in time for Xmas

Multi-award winning Ilium Software has released Ilium Software Screen Capture, a free, fast, and easy screen capturing program for Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone.

The website describes five simple steps to use the software:
1. Start the program on your device
2. Use the Options menu to define the App key you want to press to take your screenshots
3. Leave the program open - do not hit the Exit button yet
4. Take your screenshots!


Are Journalists moving towards Smartphones?

Over at Poynter Online, a mega content site where journalists hang out, Amy Gahran has posted on a phone call she received from Kevin Coughlin, a reporter for the Newark Star-Ledger in which he related that his employer was urging reporters to become more techno-savvy.


Can expand the capabilities of my Dell Axim cradle?

Some people have both a soldering iron and too much time on their hands. Like the guy who made this monstrosity:

He calls it a 'jacket' which harks back to the good old days of the iPAQ sleeves. His is for a Dell Axim and has

1. VGA out
2. Serial port with circuit for TTL to RS232 signals conversion.
3. Car charger
4. Input for 5v Dell power supply (includes protection against connecting 12v and 5v at a time)
5. PDA USB client connector.


Is there a new version of mobile Skype available, and does it support Smartphones?

I was browsing the Skype for Windows Mobile forums and learned that they've launched Skype 2.2 Beta for Windows Mobile devices. And further more, not only does it offer enhanced support for Pocket PCs, but it now supports Smartphones as well, and as in previous versions, there is support for lower-power processors.


What's next for HP's iPaq?

Over at Reg Hardware, Tony Smith is reporting that HP has revamped iPAQ for the UMPC era. And he's got pictures.

Tony is saying that the rejigged the iPaq will have three consumer-oriented media players and GPS satellite navigation systems.

The iPaq rx4240 and rx 4540 are to be Mobile Media Companion products and will sport a 2.8in, 320 x 240, 65,536-colour display. Both will run Windows Moble 5.0 on top of a 400MHz Samsung processor.


Handmark redesigns site and has a buy 2, get 3 sale

I have just received notification that perennial Pocket PC Award winner, Handmark has redesigned its website and, to celebrate the nice new look and functionality, is having a "buy 2 programs and get a 3rd program free" sale.


VITO AudioNotes v1.25 released

One of my favourite programs, mp3 and wav recorder VITO AudioNotes has been updated.

Available for both Smartphones and Pocket PCs (Windows Mobile 2003 (SE)/Windows Mobile 5.0), AudioNotes has a stylish , but simple interface, and is quite easy to use. Button mapping makes it a pleasure to use and that feature has since been further improved in this version. I also like the one year of free update after purchase.


Can I get a FREE T-Mobile-Dash Smartphone?

T-Mobile has branded an HTC Smartphone, and now is giving away one a day from now (Black Friday) until Christmas Day (December 25th, in case you've forgotten when that is)!

Specifications include:

* 2.4-inch transflective TFT display
* Quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE
* WiFi and Bluetooth
* 128MB flash, 64MB SDRAM, microSD slot
* 1.3 megapixel camera
* 960mAh battery (vs 1130mAh on the Moto Q)
* 4.4 x 2.5 x 0.5-inch body (vs 4.57 x 2.5 x 0.47-inches on Q)
* 4.2 ounces (vs 4.06 ounces on Q)



Bgblitz2Go - Backgammon for your mobile phone


Frank Berger, creator of the multi-award-winning backgammon game, BGBlitz (one of my favourite programs ever) has just announced the release of Bgblitz2Go for java-enabled mobile phones. Here is a list of supported devices. And here are two stylish board examples.


Sun throws a grand open opening


Sun Microsystems has seen the light and set Java free. Yes, that's right, it's gone open source! And to that wonderful end, they've created java.net - the Source for Java Technology Collaboration.

I had long suspected that this would happen and had to endure the mocking of some of my web design and development 'friends'. Don't call me Cassandra; it just made sense to me.

It's already free, they said, what more could you want.


What about the new Windows-powered Treo 700wx Smartphone from Palm?

Today, I spent quite a bit of time on a number of tech sites including Engadget, PhoneLaunch, SprintUsers, Gadgets on the Go and TreoCentral looking up information on Palm's new Windows-powered Treo 700wx Smartphone.

According to Palm's site, Sprint Nextel will be offering it for "as low as $499 USD/ESP", while it will be available from Verizon for "as low as $299 USD/ESP".


Can We Expect New Windows-powered Devices in 2006?

BengalBoy.com is reporting that they have found the HTC 2006 Roadmap just lying somewhere around the internet. And an interesting roadmap it is.

Now, I don't usually spend my time reading articles on sites which promote themselves as a "wireless gentlemen's club" and which are definitely NSFW (not safe for viewing while at work) because it is just what its slogan implies it is and that's not to my taste, but interesting information can come from anywhere.


What's coming Zune?


Over at some of my favourite gadget-obsessed sites like Engadget and Gizmodo, fan boys and girls are in full pant/slobber mode over the apparently forthcoming Microsoft Zune, a much anticipated device which

* may or may play audio and video files
* may or may not have game-playing abilities
* may or may not have Bluetooth or WiFi capabilities
* may or may not have a satellite radio receiver

etc, Etc, ETC.


Does anyone have a list of free WiFi spots?


JiWire's WiFi Hotspot Finder
"With 119,759 free and paid WiFi hotspots in 128 countries, JiWire's WiFi Hotspot Finder makes it easy to locate wireless Internet access around the globe. Use our search tools to find hotspots near a specific address or take a shortcut to our most popular WiFi locations with our Quick Links.


Is TouchNotes a graphical note-taking program for Pocket PC?

LaCoNix has put out a nifty little Pocket PC freeware program called TouchNotes which lets readers jot down notes without the bother of opening and saving a file or typing or using text recognition. One just handwrites the notes and saving is done by dragging the notes into a bar. All the notes are displayed in the bar and can be accessed simply by dragging them into the main window.


Can I use SKYPE to make free international calls?

The answer to the post's title question is 'sort of'.

Skype previously announced that Canadian and American customers could make free calls to regular phones anywhere within Canada and the United States until the end of the year. While computer to computer calls have always been free, one previously had to use the low-cost SkypeOut service to call landlines and cellphones.


Is the new Sling Media Mobile Player compatible with Smartphones?

On Friday, May 26, 2006, Sling Media announced a public beta of SlingPlayerâ„¢ Mobile for devices based on the Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition operating system.

"The Slingbox has created a whole new phenomenon in television viewing," said Blake Krikorian, Sling Media CEO & co-founder.


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