Azgard Defence: MoreGames Entertainment Does It Again


I was surprised to see that MoreGames Entertainment had released another game so quickly on the heels of the release of their excellent game Orions: Legend of Wizards (see review here).


However, the quick release schedule seems not to have adversely affected the quality of this game. If you're a fan of the Tower Defense sub-genre, then Azgard Defense will not disappoint!


As alluded to above, Azgard Defence belongs to that sub-genre of games usually known as "tower defense." In such games, waves of enemies run a preset path and attempt to reach their goal on the other side of the screen. The player's task is to strategically place different types of towers on the field. Each tower then fires projectiles at the enemies as they pass. Killing enemies and surviving waves of enemies gives you more money with which you can purchase more towers. If this still doesn't make sense, then try this flash game, which should give you a sense of what this type of game is all about.

What Azgard Defence Brings to the Game

Azgard does a number of things to make its version of tower defense (hereinafter "TD") as fun as possible. Like most versions of TD, the player has several types of towers to choose from. In Azgard, the base types of towers are archer, gun, wind, and airship zone (the latter is actually a launchpad for a balloon!). Azgard goes further, however, and allows each of these base tower types to be upgraded to more lethal tower types (I won't spoil the fun by telling you what these upgrades are). Additionally, each tower's level can be upgraded, which has the effect of increasing its firepower, range, etc. Finally, each tower can be sold if you want to use the space it occupies for something else. To win a particular level, you have to survive 100 waves of enemies.


Another twist in this game is the fact that each wave of enemies has different traits. Some are immune to certain types of tower, others are especially fast, strong, etc. The consequences for gameplay are that placement of towers as well as decisions about when to upgrade towers are vital to one's success or failure.

What Makes This Game Shine

The graphics and sound effects live up to the superb quality that we've come to expect from MoreGames Entertainment. One will also be glad for the developers' attention to small, but important, details. For example, each enemy has a tiny health bar above it. And clicking on a tower displays not only basic statistics about it but also creates a circle around it indicating the tower's range.

Other Features

  • A level editor (!)
  • Maps of different difficulty level
  • 20 different types of enemy
  • 15 tower types


Azgard Defence is not as good as Orions but it is still an impressive game. The biggest drawback is that tower defense games tend to get old quicker than other types of strategy game. Having said that, I can't think of any way that Azgard could be improved upon. As already mentioned, the graphics and sound effects are fantastic and the attention to detail lives up to the high standard that MoreGames has set with its previous releases. In fact, I'd go so far as saying that Azgard Defence is the best Tower Defence game on any platform.

Perhaps what's even more impressive is the fact that with the release of Azgard Defence, MoreGames has released three unbelievably original games for the Windows Mobile platform in a row (while tower defense games are hardly new, they are new to the platform). This originality is really praiseworthy. We should count ourselves lucky that in the case of MoreGames, this commitment to originality goes hand in hand with quality of the highest caliber.

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