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Finger Stylus Roundup

The stylus is an integral part of every touch screen Pocket PC.  Over the years there have been numerous styles of styli – including cheap plastic, solid metal, as well as compact telescoping models.  Newer devices, such as the iPhone, have been designed to be used with a finger instead of a stylus.


Give me my CAB!

I want my CAB - but not the yellow driving type...   I'm talking about CAB files - also known as Cabinet files.  CAB files are basically compressed archives, similar to ZIP files.  They are also the format for Smartphone and Pocket PC install files.


My Favorite Games

I fondly remember getting our first video game system as a kid - Pong.  Several years later we got the oh-so-cool Atari 2600 - I was hooked.  I was lucky enough to grow up during the birth of video games.  I spent many a hard earned quarter on Missle CommandSpace Invaders,


Lil Sync - Mobile Power To Go

"Main Battery Very Low.  To prevent possible data loss..."  This is one error most mobile device users dread seeing, especially when you are away from a power source.  I'll tend to use my devices less when traveling because of this.  This is especially frustrating on long flights, when it would be nice to listen to music or watch videos on my


The features I would add to Windows Mobile..

This month's blog theme is "The features I would add to Windows Mobile". For me this is simple... nothing! Ok, you are probably thinking this is an April Fool's joke but it isn't. I'm not saying the Windows Mobile is perfect - believe me after almost 15 years of playing with these devices I'm well aware of the shortcomings/problems. But if we are talking about features, I don't think Microsoft needs to add anything to the OS. Where I want to see features is third party software products!


True Connect SMS Integration with Outlook

Although I'm an old timer in the world of Pocket PCs, one of the reasons I still enjoy them so much is the Cool Factor. Doesn't matter if it is hardware or software, there always seems to be something cool coming out.

I've been a user of True Connect since it first came out. When the latest version(v3.0) was released I loaded it immediately. For the most part it isn't much different than the previous version, except for the new SMS Outlook integration.


HP iPAQ 210 Spec Update

In the latest issue of Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine (April/May 2008) I review the new HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld. When I was writing the review the screen specs were published as being 18-bit 260k colors. After the article went to the printers HP updated their specs (which can be found here). The updated specs are 16-bit 65k colors.

I know there are some people out there who are very upset by this. Personally my poor old eyes probably couldn't tell the difference.


Calling All Musicians

Time to poll the musicians out there in the Smartphone/Pocket PC community. I'm looking for Windows Mobile applications or hardware accessories for musicians. I know I can look in the great Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories but I wanted to get input from people actually using the stuff.

If you create Windows Mobile software or hardware for musicians go ahead and drop me a line just in case I overlooked your product.

You can leave comments here, or email at "alh_mail-ppcblog[at]".



Ilium Software NewsBreak – News Delivered To Your Smartphone

Having recently moved to the Smartphone platform I’ve been looking for applications to help me get the same functionality I was used to with my Pocket PC devices. Being as active as I am I rarely have time to read newspapers or go to all the various websites I’d like to read to keep up on all of my interests. I’ve used different RSS readers on my Pocket PC and was looking for similar functionality on my Smartphone. Luckily I found NewsBreak.


ProClip Dash Mount for iPAQ Voice Messenger

One of the biggest dilemmas I have while driving is where do I put my mobile devices? When I recently moved to an HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger Smartphone, keeping it in my pocket didn't work. For starters, it's hard to hear the ring tone over the noise of my truck and my music. Second, trying to get it out of my pocket while driving isn't the safest thing to be doing. While setting the Smartphone in the cup holder works OK, it's not an ideal solution. Along comes ProClip.



Best of Everything - Smartphone - Battery Pack Pro

Best of Everything CD

Taking a slight detour in my review of the Best of Everything Software Package today I'm going to review one of the products available for the Smartphone. The Smartphone package includes over $1000 worth of software for only $139.

The first Smartphone app I'm going to review is Battery Pack Pro by Omega One.

Battery Pack Pro


Best of Everything - BeeLineGPS

Best of Everything CD

Continuing with my review of great software included with the Best of Everything Software Package, today I'd like to discuss BeeLineGPS.



Innopocket Case for iPAQ hw6900

Innopocket Case

Pocket PCs are not cheap - so protecting your investment is vital. When your Pocket PC has built-in GPS and you enjoy hiking or geocaching, the chances of exposing your device to mother nature and other hazards greatly increases. That's where cases from Innopocket come in handy.


Best of Everything - Agenda Fusion

Best of Everything CD

Continuing with my review of great software included with the Best of Everything Software Package, next up is Agenda Fusion.

Calendar View


Best of Everything - Resco Radio

Best of Everything CD

A couple of weeks ago I started my review of the Best of Everything Software Package. The first program out of the blocks is Resco Radio.

Resco Radio


Astraware Deals a Winner with Solitaire

Astraware Solitaire

Last month I saw a blog post by Astraware developer Katherine Gordon about their upcoming Solitaire release. While it looked interesting, I can't say I was on the edge of my seat waiting to play it. A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to preview the game. Since I love mobile devices and games I thought I'd give it a try, not expecting too much. Sure I have played an occasional game of solitaire - it's a "standard" Windows Mobile game. When I'm really bored I may fire it up for a quick game... but with so many other good games out there it's very rare. I have to admit, I became hooked on Astraware Solitaire.


Best of Everything 2007 Software Package

Best of Everything CD

The Best of Everything software package from Smartphone and Pocket PC (S&PPC) Magazine is a collection of products that were part of the 2006 Best Software Awards. The package is sold at a significant discount if you were to purchase the titles individually. The Best of Everything package sells for $297 (Pocket PC version). If you are like me you might be wondering if it is really worth the price.


The Third Party Application I Use Daily

Having used mobile devices for so long there are certain key applications I rely on every day. Over the years these critical components have changed slightly, but a few have remained. Picking the one app is tough. Like Clinton Fitch I have used Spb Pocket Plus for many years (with the app closing button and battery meter being vital). I also rely on Spb Diary and over the past couple of months have grown to love Spb Mobile Shell. But the one app I use daily and have for more than any other is pTravelAlarm by Burr Oak Software.


pTravelAlarm Main Screen


Manage your Pocket PC phone with Spb Phone Suite

I’ve been using handheld devices a long time, but I'm new to the world of Pocket PC phones. Several months ago I started using the HP iPAQ hw6900. While the standard Windows Mobile phone software is adequate, I was excited to take the latest application from Spb Software House for a trial run: Spb Phone Suite.

Spb Phone Suite


Astraware "Packs of Fun" Sale

Packs of Fun

My friends over at Astraware are having a sale on some of their awesome game packs.


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