TUTORIAL: Here's how you can save images from inside best Pocket PC Web Browser, Opera Mobile!

Opera Mobile, which is, in my opinion, the best Pocket PC browser as of now (certainly better than NetFront and Pocket Internet Explorer with any plug-in), unfortunately, (still) lacks some important add-on features. One of them is saving an image (supported by all the notable browser alternatives). Fortunately, it’s very easy to save images from inside Opera Mobile – even easier than with Pocket Internet Explorer (if you don’t have any PIE plug-in – see the tutorial for the latter here if interested). In this tutorial, I elaborate on this question.

To save an image from inside Opera Mobile,

  1. (re)load the page in Opera Mobile you want to save images from
  2. Start the built-in File Explorer (FE) on your PDA
  3. Go to the \Application Data\Opera\cache4 directory and make sure FE sorts the list by date (click the upper right drop-down list and select “Date†to make it really easy to find images):

    click here for screenshot

  4. click the GIF/JPG/PNG image files in there. They can be easily identified by having a “known†icon in front of them. For example, with the above example (on the iPAQ 2210), it’s the built-in Microsoft Pictures application with the icon. On other Pocket PC’s, the icon may be different, depending on what built-in image viewer the given Pocket PC has. For example, the WM5-upgraded HP iPAQ hx4700 will have the and icons (HP Image Zone) as can be seen in this screenshot, the x51v (Pictures and Videos) will have the icon etc.
  5. now, all you need to do is going back, time-wise, in the your Opera cache and click all GIF/JPG/PNG image files one-by-one, to examine them in your . Sooner or later, you will run into the image you’ve been looking for. Just copy it to another directory.

An alternative, even easier way to do all this

To avoid the manual need to iterate over all your images one-by-one, I recommend using an image viewer capable of listing the thumbnail images of a given directory.

Of the image viewers available, I recommend either the free XnView Pocket or the commercial Resco Picture Viewer.

With the former (you may also want to read the latest review here), all you need to do is going to \Application Data\Opera\cache4, highlight the image you want to save, go to File/Rename..., give the file any name and just click the Rename button. Later, any time, you can move all your in this way renamed files off your \Application Data\Opera\cache4 directory. You don’t need to do this every time after renaming a file as Opera won’t touch the manually created/copied files, even if you force a cache cleanup from inside Opera. That is, unless you manually delete these files, they will stay in the \Application Data\Opera\cache4 directory.

Nope, sorry.

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