Great infrared remote control app RemoteControl II adds support for the TI CPU: now, both the HTC Wizard and Prophet are support

It was just a few days ago that I've reported on the new, 2.02 version of the excellent infrared controller application RemoteControl II, which has also been featured in the Infrared Remote Controller Roundup. The biggest news with the new version is that it supports devices with TI CPU. That is, it works on both the HTC Wizard (a.k.a. imate K-Jam, T-Mobile MDA Vario, Qtek 9100, MDA Vario, XDA mini S, SPV M3000, VPA Compact II, Dopod 838) and the HTC Prophet (a.k.a. Qtek S200, XDA Neo, I-mate Jamin, VPA Compact S, SPV M600, Dopod 818pro). Other additions/bugfixes: Bugfix: IR- transmit buttons shouldn't freeze anymore if a not supported CPU was detected. Quick Help for Layout editor added. Time delay between IR teach requests added (prevents problems if you learn IR- toggle codes). The ugrade for legal RemoteControl II 2.0 customers is free. New users can find the application here. You're also encouraged to read the Infrared Remote Controller Roundup.
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