One of the BEST hacks of the year: Dial-up Networking Through Bluetooth Under WM5 AKU3 / WM6: at last, it’s WORKING, thanks to X

UPDATE (11/02/2007): There's a version specifically meant for the T-Mo Dash is at . Also, if you have a MS Smartphone (as opposed to a Pocket PC), it MUST be application unlocked for the hack to work. See for example See for example for more links on application unlocking. Note that app unlocking is absolutely legal.

UPDATE (10/02/2007): there is an even better, easier-to-install and, what is more, even MS Smartphone (Windows Mobile Standard)-compatible hack. Just download the CAB file linked from THIS post (I’ve also mirrored it HERE, just to be on the safe side, should you not want to register at XDA-Dev to access the download), install it (by simply clicking it on your handheld), power down your device (if it’s a Pocket PC – in order to make sure the Registry changes are all flushed) and restart it.

This hack will add full BT DUN to both platforms. I’ve thoroughly tested it on both my WM6 HTC Universal (a Pocket PC) and WM6 HTC s710 / Vox (a Smartphone) and found it excellent. Note that the traditional, BT PAN-based Internet Sharing will still work alongside with the added BT DUN (tested on both devices).

Note that it has a minor annoyance. After you terminate the connection, you will still be unable to access the Net on the Pocket PC or Smartphone that you used as a modem (also see THIS and THIS for similar bug reports). The solution to this is pretty simple: instead of (lengthy and/or awkward) soft resetting your handheld, just make sure you tap either the data connection icon in Comm Manager (this seem to be sufficient with Smartphones) or, as with, it seems, with Pocket PC’s (like the Universal), just dis- and, then, re-enable the phone connection itself (or, alternatively, en-, and, then, re-disable Flight mode). This all makes this small bug easy to live with.

Finally, Smartphone users: remember NOT to long-press the Red dial button to lock your device – it’ll also terminate the call. Instead, use the standard lock menu accessible via the Power button.

There is also a tutorial on making USB connection work with Modem Link HERE, should it be messed up. Also, the entire thread might be worth giving a read, should you still have problems.

Thanks for FX Belloir for pointing out this hack!

(end of update, the now-outdated original article follows. This means you’ll want to prefer the new hack explained above, NOT the old one I still keep for historical purposes only. It's only the first sections, which explain what this is all about, are worth reading for casual users.)

Anyone having read my article New dial-up networking model of the WM5 AKU3 – a must if you use your WM phones as modems knows WM5 AKU3 (and, of course, WM6) has dramatically changed the way dial-up networking is handled – not necessarily in the good direction. (Please DO read the article if you don’t have a clue what I’m referring to and you have ever wanted to use your Windows Mobile handheld as a cellular modem!)

Microsoft, so far, haven’t really done anything to the problem, except for publishing an article (also discussed for example HERE). Therefore, hackers needed to concentrate their forces on solving the problem. After the first failed attempts (for example mine, as is explained in the first-linked article), at last, some excellent XDA-Developers folks have managed to enable this feature with a comparatively easy-to-do hack. I’ve developed the hack further, making it compatible with several handheld models and ROM versions (the previous version available at XDA-Developers doesn’t support the Universal, Wizard and, probably, several other models because it doesn’t do any forced Registry import – it might only be compatible with the P3600.)

The hack makes it possible to use most WM5 AKU3 / WM6 devices in the traditional (pre-WM5 AKU3) DUN dial-up method, in addition to the new, in WM5 AKU3 introduced Internet Sharing.

This means you can use BOTH technologies and can have the advantages of BOTH approaches. With the “traditional†DUN dial-up, you still have the freedom of NOT having to manually start / reconnect Internet Sharing AND the ability to use clients not supporting the BT Personal Area Network (PAN) profile required by the new Internet Sharing. And, as Internet Sharing is still supported, you can still have a real internet sharing approach, making it possible to use the Internet on both the Windows Mobile device acting as a modem and the client that connects to it (and can still have the other goodies Internet Sharing also offers: for example, the accessibility of the phone even with an ongoing Internet session.)

Again, it’s almost impossible to emphasize how important, how revolutional this hack is! If you’ve EVER tried to use your WM5 AKU3 / WM6 Windows Mobile phone as a modem you know Internet Sharing can be a REAL pain in the back, particularly if the client you’d like to use it from doesn’t support BT PAN.


Import THIS registry import file (via, say, the brand new, EXCELLENT desktop-side Registry editor of SOTI’s Pocket Controller 6) and copy the contents of THIS file to the \Windows directory of your Windows Mobile device. Soft reset your device and voliá: after this, clients discovering the Bluetooth services your device provides will also see it offering the DUN service (in addition to the PAN one) as can also be seen in HERE.

After this, everything will work just great – as in the pre-AKU3 days. Follow for example THIS tutorial on using DUN modems if you don’t know how it’s done.


  1. It’s incompatible with some HTC Wizard ROM versions, namely, the official AKU 3.3 T-Mobile ROM – see THIS. It, however, has no problems with mfrazzz's XDA Mobile 6 Release 2a Full at all.
  2. It seems it’s incompatible with WM6 MS Smartphones (Windows Mobile Standard). I’ve tested this on my HTC Vox (S710).


In my tests, it worked just great on my HTC Universal and HTC Wizard. A lot of people have reported other success stories; for example, with the AKU3 HTC Trinity (P3600).


Again and again: if you EVER plan to use your handheld as a modem, this hack is a MUST!

UPDATE (07/29/2007): I've tried to extract the DUN-related files from my WM5 AKU3 HTC Oxygen (s310) smartphone and put them on my WM6 HTC Vox (they are available HERE; I've also provided two Registry import files in the archive. The first, SPRegImp.reg, contains the original S310 Registry contents; the second, SPRegImp2.reg, has a much bigger HKLM\SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ATCIUI\ Connections section).

Unfortunately, while, as opposed to the original case of trying to apply the PPC files, where not even the DUN service could be discovered, it seems it doesn't work: while the DUN service is already visible (as opposed to the original case using the PPC files), on my Vox, connection attempts fail with the same message as not importing the (original) Registry file on the Pocket PC.

I continue playing with the hack; hope I manage to achieve something. I still give you the extracted files so that you can also experiment with them. It MIGHT be working on your non-Vox Smartphone.

UPDATE (08/28/2007): no solution to the MS Smartphone platform yet. Do NOT apply the patch to them - it will NOT work!

Cross-posted to (might be worth checking out for additional info / discussions!): PPCT, AximSite, XDA-Developers, FirstLoox, BrightHand, HowardForums, SPT, MoDaCo, XDA-Dev - 2.

I am pretty sure it will

Mikhail, are you sure the registry import was successful (this was a problem with another user, who tried to use the non-Regedit5-compliant PHM Registry Editor which, of course, failed to import them)? Can you check the existence of the imported values?

This must be a dial-up problem - a 0 is being added as the international dial-out number. Does it work the same with other DUN-based dial-ups (with, for example, "dumb" DUN phones)? How did you configure your client? Is it Windows XP?

JL, did you manage to import the registry file? Are you sure it was imported OK?

Carlos, frankly, I don't know - I've never used non-GPRS dial-up connections on newer devices, only some 8-10 years ago and can't test them either, having no such dial-up subscriptions.

Craig, Paddy: still don't know when MS Smartphone support will be available. Sorry.


1, get and install Resco File Explorer. Make sure you also install its Registry Editor component.

2, start the latter

3, transfer the provided registry import file to \My Documents

4, select Menu / File / Import and select the registry file

This should work.

Nope, they are, technically (in the way they're imported / copied) independent. that is, you need to:

1. import the .reg file to the Registry and
2. copy the (decompressed) contents of the .zip file to \Windows


1, in general, my approach to this (being DUN, more or less, a "black box" - I haven no access to its source code) is "trial and error". That is, I extract the related files & registry entries from DUN-enabled (older but still WM5) Smartphones and try to make them work on newer ones. This is why it's impossible to say whether I will ever be able to come up with a solution - or not.

2, it's because of the mobile operators' objecting to it that Microsoft is not allowed to release their own version (see their statements confirming this HERE). However, as I'm not a MS employee and, more or less, independent of Microsoft, I'm free to do things unless it's a (C) infringement.

Finally, as I really hate the really restrictive approach many mobile operators take (removing DUN, disabling call recording / answering machine features, removing Wi-Fi support, forcing their users to use their sometimes very buggy cursom ROM's, refusing to give their customers ROM updates, while HTC does etc.), I'm only too pleased NOT to obey their Microsoft-centric rules :)

JL, the fact that your 770 doesn't see any services clearly shows it's not the Registry import that failed.

In general, TRYING to downgrade a ROM can't do any damage. In general, downgrading is very safe. I've done it numerous times when, for example, I needed to downgrade the ROM of my phones to see how a given (previous) ROM version behaved in some respect. That is, nothing will be messed up - unless you use for example external USB hubs or USB cable extenders.

First, give a try to any *official* 8525 ROM. Their installer will complain right at the beginning if you can't downgrade.

If none of the (usable) official ROM's work, you will need to use alternate (not-so-official, "cooked") ROMs. This, however, isn't in any way official and I am not allowed give you any links pointing to these ROM's either.

LJ, thaks for reporting this - this means it should work on TyTN's.

I don't know why it, then, didn't work with JL's (see his/her posts above) Cingular 8525 - maybe another Cingulr dumb-down?

This also mean JL should consider flashing his/her TyTN to a non-Cingular ROM. (Of course, the usual "legal" stuff applies here: make sure you don't lose your warranty before flashing, do it on your own responsibility etc.)

Dunno about the Hermes 2 compliance. Give it a try. If you feel unsure about it, backup your device first with a capable backup tool (SKTools, Sprite Backup 6 etc.)

Gijs, probably - I haven't tested this.

BTW, did you make a backup before applying the patch?

Try removing the given files and the Registry entries.

I don't think it's because the Registry not havng been imported that DUN doesn't work.

So far, noone has ever managed to make it work on any Smartphone models - with successful registry imports too.

LJ, it's the Kaiser (P4550)

Guys and gals, a Smartphone-compliant hack is out!

Mario, I couldn't test it as my WM5 Smartphone (the HTC s310 / Oxygen) is a pre-AKU3 one; that is, it uses BT DUN.

Backup your phone (just to be on the safe side - I don't think the CAB file will mess up anything, but it's still the best to have a backup file around), and give it a try.

It seems the CAB is only compatible with WM6 (not WM5) Smartphones.

1, you can't use a serial BT connection for modem purposes (unlike in the desktop world), only for tasks likeGPS or multiplayer games. See for example THIS on the latter.

2, therefore, dial-up will only work when the client sees the Dial-Up Networking profile show up in the "server" PDA.

Yes, if you install the CAB file on the host PPC (no need to do this on the other one, that is, the Advantage), that is, the P4000, everything should be OK and DUN will already be accessible.

Uless the P4000 turns out to be incompatible. Hopefully, it won't.

reggie, most probably. I can't guarantee it as I haven't personally tested it, though.

Make a backup of your device (just to be on the safe side) and apply the hack (install the original CAB file). If it doesn't work, you might also want to give a try to the one HERE

Seth, thanks for pointing this out - indeed, it contains "WM6" in its name.

For WM5, you MIGHT want to give a try to the manual hack explained in the old (outdated) article - it MIGHT work on your model. It does work on some models; for example, the P3600 (Trinity) with WM5 AKU3.

Which model do you have?

The i600 being manufactured by Samsung and not HTC and, therefore, not enjoying too much community support (XDA-Devs only concentrate on HTC-manufactured devices and Russian ROM cookers / hackers "only" develop for Asus / HP / Dell), I'm afraid I can't really help with it.

However, you could still repost your help request to the following forums / threads:
Dev & Hack, particularly the hx4700 and the Dell Axim x51v ROM cooking threads (Kozhura et al.)
HoFo Samsung i760 thread
The Russian Asus hackers (beware, it's in Russian!)

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