The NEW HP iPAQ Voice Messenger


Meet the newest from HP, the iPAQ Voice Messenger. This is a non touchscreen phone running Windows Mobile Standard that also has 3G, integrated GPS, 128mb RAM and 256mb ROM, and a very cool look that gets the device envy juices flowing. 


Which (current) Pocket PC's (have) receive(d) the WM5 upgrade?

While opinions differ on whether it's really worth upgrading to it (my personal opinion is that, much as, as opposed to the PPC2k2-to-WM2003 switch back in 2003, it won't deliver (much of) a performance increase, it will be worth upgrading as soon as all the third-party software incompatibilities are ironed out), Windows Mobile 5 has one thing in common: everyone wants to know whether his or her particular PDA model can be upgraded to it.

As the WM5 upgrade area is always changing (PDA manufacturers are cancelling upgrades or releasing ones that, bug/stability-wise, shouldn't be released),


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