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New Today Screen Resources; Skweezer

I thought I was generally aware of the free Today screen
resources available, but someone posted a pointer in our
forums to some that I hadn't yet come across that look
attractive and useful.

Offered to you by JGUI
, they change the organization and
appearance of the Today screen for the purpose of giving you
readable and convenient at-a-glance information using ClearType.

My|Information displays your owner information at top
left, putting your name in large letters and giving you the


Reviews of New Pocket PC 2003 Devices

Last week I gave links to Web sites that had reviews of
the just-released Windows Media 2003 Pocket PC software.
This week let's search the 'Net for reviews of the new
devices that have been released or announced.

A good place to start for an overview of the new software
and devices is Microsoft's "Pressroom"
Web site.


Web Sites Detail New Pocket PC 2003 Software

Yesterday was a big day for Pocket PC fans, with the
announcement of the latest and greatest software from
Microsoft, plus the announcement of a bunch of new devices
that run it.

First off, it has a new name: Windows Mobileâ„¢ 2003 for
Pocket PC. It's the third generation, following on Pocket PC
2000 and Pocket PC 2002.


Watching Videos on Your Pocket PC

Watching videos on your Pocket PC can hardly be said to be
practical, but the cool factor is very high.


New Design for PocketPCSoft.net; Freebies Update

Long one of the best listings of software available for
the Pocket PC, including a great listing of freeware,
has recently been completely redesigned.

Maintained by Greg Hilton, the listing has 30 categories,
from Aviation and Converters to Utilities and


PocketNow.com Adds Features; New PDA Portal

which has long had a reputation for solid reviews and other
news content, has recently launched a new design and
features, including a video library that will offer video

Front and center in the new design is a weblog-style
commentary section that allows the PocketNow staff to offer
daily posts on everything related to mobile devices,
Smartphones, and the handheld industry in general.


Sites for Purchasing Software-SynClub

and Pocket
seem to be among the most popular sites for
purchasing Pocket PC software online. We list these and
other sites in the Download section of our Best


Buying a Pocket PC-Reviews, Comparison Tables, Guides

There are now so many Pocket PCs available that it's hard
to keep track of them and the range of features each offers.
Happily, the Internet has a wealth of resources to give you
the info you need.

In previous columns I've covered buyer's guides and sites
with reviews, such as Pocketnow.com
and The


Must-Have Freeware for Technical Types

On occasion a new user will join the general Pocket
PC discussion group
and post a query asking, "Now that I
have a new Pocket PC, what are some of the 'must-have'
software programs?" The responses are often interesting and


Inge's Pocket PC site; Battery Life

Inge Wallumroed contributes a lot of expert advice in the
Pocket PC newsgroup, so when she posted a message saying she
had a new site, I was curious. I finally got around to
checking out Inges-pda.net
and found it to be a delightful and useful Pocket PC-related
mobile site.

All of the content is tailored for the small screen of
the Pocket PC.


Buy or Sell Used Devices on UsedHandhelds.com

In last
week's column
we covered web sites that help you find
bargains on Pocket PCs.


Finding Good Deals Online

By now you're probably an expert Internet shopper and
know the options: check the price comparison search engines
to scope out the price, look for coupons and rebates, and
visit sites that try to find combinations of deals.


MyPDACafe.com Offers Freeware, Forums; Free File Explorers

A handy site based in Malaysia, MyPDACafe
offers a thriving community and a range of useful resources.
I recently visited there when a freeware author posted links
in our forums
to his two freeware
that are available in the software section of MyPDACafe.


Free Easter Game, Other Giveaways

In keeping with the spring season, ClickGamer is offering
, a free limited-edition Easter puzzle game, with
wild graphics and sound effects—and some bad eggs thrown
into the mix.

Plus, if you get really good at this one and submit the
highest score by May 1st, you'll win all of the ClickGamer

Speaking of Easter, I came across a cute Easter theme for
your Today screen by Web


Pocket PC magazine's New Forums

I've often extolled the value of online forums for getting your questions answered. And now to make it easier for you, we have forums on our own Pocket PC magazine web site.


Getting Help Online

I'm flattered that I've received quite a number of
e-mails from my readers asking technical questions.
Unfortunately, I haven't usually had enough knowledge to
answer them. And I always encourage the writer to post the
question to one of the many discussion groups, a number of
which you can find listed on our Best

These groups are awesome. There are literally hundreds of
experts waiting to answer your every question.


Recent Freeware: Card Games, Maps, Music Visualizer

Bless the freeware authors.


Alternatives to Pocket Internet Explorer

In recent weeks we've discussed various ways for getting
Internet content onto your device for offline reading. This
week we'll take a look at the various browsers you can use
for accessing the Internet live, including a new freeware

Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) is the built-in
application for accessing the Internet via your device and
serves most needs that you will have. But it doesn't have
the capability to handle some sites that use more advanced
Internet technologies.


Accessing the Internet Offline; Axim Site; Alarms

Two weeks ago we touched on Mobile
, AvantGo,
and iSilo
as ways that you can conveniently download information from
the Internet to your device and read it offline.


McDeb Gets a Makeover; Freeware Site

has long been one of the premier designers of original
themes for your Today screen, and she just keeps cranking
them out. She recently gave her site a new name (Pocket
McDeb) and a makeover with a number of new features. And as
always, there is a steady stream of new themes.

She has now added desktop wallpapers to her collection of
free themes.


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