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Downloading Web Sites to Your Pocket PC

One of the neat uses of your Pocket PC is downloading web
sites and taking them with you for offline reading. Let's
look at a couple resources that help you do this, including
Mobile Favorites and iSilo.

The Mobile Favorites feature lets you automate the
process of downloading web site content to your device via
ActiveSync. You can find more information in the Mobile
Favorites section of Microsoft's Getting
Started 101


A Selection of Recent Freebies

Yet one more column of free offerings--I hope you don't
get the impression that that's all I write about. But people
do like freebies. And so many good things have come out
lately I'd be remiss if I didn't mention them.

First off is PocketDay,
a free Personal Information Manager. It's based on .NET
technology, which is also part of the download.


Microsoft's eBook Catalog Adds Mobile Version

My earlier column about Microsoft's new eBook
contained a serious error. So please let me
rectify that, plus point out some new features, including
their new mobile version formatted to be accessed via your

Specifically, I said that a search on Thoreau's "Walden"
returns a single title that costs $6.


PoQuick Giveaway; Jenneth's Site

This week we have another freebie, PoQuick Money
Enterprise. For a limited time, Mastersoft
Mobile Solutions
is making PoQuick 2.6 available as a
free download from Handango. This is a personal finance
manager that was a finalist in our annual Pocket PC magazine
software awards last fall.

To get your free software, go to the Mastersoft
to get the code.


Sites Offering Reviews; More Freebies

Product reviews are a good way of finding out what's
available out there and whether it will meet your needs.
Herewith is a selection of new and established sites that
offer reviews.

PC Thoughts
just keeps loading up with content, recently
adding regular reviews thanks to a new group of two dozen


Mobile Movie Reviews, Sports Videos

We have a selection of sites for you this week, most
having to do with entertainment and media. If you use your
device to go online, you may want to check out the new
mobile version of BoxOffice.Com
at www.boxofficemobile.com.
It offers ratings and reviews of new movies and new DVDs, as
well as the top 10 movies currently playing.


Microsoft's eBook Catalog; eBook Library Announced

If you enjoy eBooks, you may want to check out
Microsoft's online eBook
. The site claims to be the largest catalog
available, with over 15,000 titles, including both free and
commercial eBooks.

When you find a title that interests you, the eBook
Catalog lists the vendors that have it. Clicking on a vendor
takes you to the download page for that title.

Unfortunately, there's no convenient way to compare
prices. You simply have to click on each vendor.


Location-Based Directory; Dell Axim Site

MyMobileStuff was an early directory of web sites
tailored to the small screen that had a reputation for being
among the most comprehensive.


Free Christmas-Themed Tic-Tac-Toe; More Freebies

Like last week, today's column features a free game with
a Christmas theme: Tic-Tac-Toe at the Game

And speaking of Christmas themes, if you have a Pocket PC
2002 device and want a Christmas theme for your Today
screen, check out PocketThemes.com,
which now has over 30,000 free themes, including over 170
with Christmas designs.

You can also find a large number of Christmas offerings
at the similarly


Christmas Freebies and More

In the spirit of the holiday season, gifts and services
are coming your way from a variety of sources. As a thank
you to all their customers and to Pocket PC users in
general, Clickgamer Technologies is offering a free game for
Christmas. The object of "Snowed In" is to collect as many
Christmas presents as you can to stop the evil Grinch from
spoiling Christmas.


A Selection of Free Software

Someone posted a message in the Pocket PC newsgroup
asking people to tell their favorite freeware program. The
result was a useful list that I thought I'd share with you
in case you didn't see that thread.

In these sorts of discussions, the first programs that
are typically mentioned are utilities that make it easier to
use your device.


More Mobile Directories

When I first began using my device to go online, there
were only a few directories of mobile sites. Now there are
many excellent ones to choose from, as you can see in our
directory of Mobile

Most recently I've been looking at three portals that I
haven't yet reviewed.

Of the mobile directories I've looked at, MyPPC.com
seems to have the most international sites, though the
majority are in English.


10,000 Free eBooks; Reviews of New Devices

has one of the world's largest collections of
eBooks--over 10,000--and they're all free. And better yet,
the site has a bit of attitude, making it fun to visit. The
weblog even sometimes gets into the politics of the eBook

The books come in a number of formats, including MS
Reader, Adobe, and Mobipocket.


Online Info for New Devices

Dell entered the fray yesterday with its two new Pocket
PCs at prices of $199 and $299, changing the Pocket PC
landscape a bit.


New Offerings on Our Web Site

I spend so much time alerting you to the offerings of other web sites that I
sometimes forget to tell you about what we've added to PocketPCmag.com. We have
a new version of our At-A-Glance section that gives you an overview of all the
devices available; two additional newsletters; the results of the 2002 Pocket PC
Awards; and more.


Microsoft's Free PowerToys; Software from Lifestylus

You are likely already familiar with the Microsoft
page on the Mobile
site, but if not, you may want to check it out.
You'll find a range of freebie downloads such as Macromedia
Flash Player and an update to Windows Media Player.


Pocket PC Thoughts and Brighthand Launch Major Upgrades

Two of the top web sites for Pocket PC users--Pocket
PC Thoughts
and Brighthand--recently
underwent extensive overhauls and launched very impressive,
bright and shiny new versions earlier this month.

It's hard to believe that not so long ago Pocket
PC Thoughts
was primarily a weblog offered by Jason


YuBee, a Location-Based Directory

Evidence that the world is heading in the direction of
mobile computing comes yet one more time, in this case via
YuBee, a location-based directory. Simply put, you
tell the YuBee web site where you are, and it tells you
what's nearby, whether you're interested in a hotel,
restaurant, drugstore, or whatever. We posted a pointer to a
review of YuBee yesterday, but I wanted to cover it again in
order to highlight the Locator feature.

You tell Yubee where you are by providing your Zip Code,
which YuBee remembers.


Club Pocket PC Offers Support

Microsoft's excellent Mobile
site just moved up another notch with the
October launch of a completely overhauled Club
Pocket PC
. This is the area of the site where you can go
to get help using your device.

A major addition to the new Club Pocket PC is the Help


Searching Mobile Web Sites

If you use your device to access the Internet, you have a
lot more options these days regarding search engines and
directories. In recent columns we've covered Google's
WML search
(www.google.com/wml), which gives you the
entire web in a format that fits on the small screen, and
the Mobile Web
, which lets you search the content of all
of the mobile sites.


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