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Nav Mat II: The Ultimate Car Mount Solution

I don't know about you, but I am constantly challenged finding a place on my cluttered dashboard and windshield to mount a digital device. It's always a contest to find a place that the mount will stick, a place where you can see the screen of the device easily, and a place that will not inhibit your view of the road.

To solve all these issue, you only need to acquire a Bracketron Nav Mat II.


Handsfree with Supertooth Buddy

I don't know why it's not illegal to drive and text/talk at the same time, but there are still some states that don't seem to care. It's a lethal combination. Nothing give me shivers more that a soccer mom with a van full of kids yakking away on her phone.

It really doesn't matter if it's against the law or not; it's simply not safe. Everyone should have a handsfree device for mobile phones in the car.


HTC Rhyme Unveiled!


HTC announces a new phone designed with accessories to enhance the overall smartphone experience, called the Rhyme. Includes a dock and some very unusually stylish colors. Read on for full press details...


All-Weather Soft Mount Bike Mount

Riding my recumbent bike, one of my great joys. Another great joy is tracking my trips and playing music along the way. For this purpose, I need a good handlebar mount that will allow me to hold my PDA in plain view securely.

My first bike mount was a disaster. I thought my phone was securely fastened, but on the first bump, the unit went flying, the battery cover in one direction, the body, and battery in other directions.


TV Everywhere

This is the story of eyetv hybrid TV Tuner Stick for HDTV and analog TVs. It's the all in one TV for PC or Mac. It transforms your computer into a virtual TV and recorder--watch, record, edit, and enjoy anywhere--live or recorded.

Record from the TV program guide, one show or a whole season. It comes with a one year complimentary subscription to TV Guide, which can be renewed for $19.95 a year thereafter.

Eyetv can automatically export your shows to iTunes so that you can watch them on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad whenever you wish.


How I turned my iPhone/iPod 4 in to a texting demon with a slideout keyboard

Have you ever envied people who sit in the coffee shop with their thumbs blazing as they text away on their mobile devices? As an iPhone/iPad person, you have been out of luck if you want this form factor--until now.

Let me introduce you to the nifty, new NUU Mini keyboard. It is really meant for the iPhone, but I slipped my iPod touch 4 into it, and it works just fine. It has a little slop room, but you can shim it up if it really bothers you.

All you have to do is connect your device to the keyboard via Bluetooth, which is quick and strait forward.


Geek timepiece: 4-bit Binary Watch

It seems to me that fewer and fewer people wear watches these days in favor of using a mobile phone for keeping time. Yet watch companies appear to be alive and well. I think they have to be more innovative and creative with design and functionality to keep in the game.

Recently a noteworthy watch by Cadence watch company came to my attention.


iTablet Thumb Keyboard

If you ever wanted an external keyboard for your phone or tablet, the iTablet thumb keyboard is a great option. This classy thumboard will connect with any Bluetooth HID device including:

• iPad
• iPhone
• PS3
• Xbox 360
• Windows 7 & XP
• Android
• Linux
• Interactive TV (IPTV)

The iTablet is Bluetooth 2.0 and HID 1.0 profile compliant. It features backlit keys with an on/off switch to save battery. It charges with an included mini USB cable.

The Function, Alt, Ctrl, Shift work exactly like those on a regular keyboard.


Aviiq Portable Charging Station

Whether you are a mobile road warrior or you just like to keep your charging cables organized, this portable charging station is a must have.
The charger delivers from an AC outlet and comes with a converter that plugs into the charging hub, which is a separate unit. It will also plug into a USB port for charging your devices.

There are four USB ports. Three of them are for charging only, and the fourth, if plugged into a computer will sync whatever device is connected that particular port.

It all comes attractively packaged in a sturdy, but attractive black canvas zipper case.


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