Non-touch screen smartphones

Node pertains specifically to Windows Mobile 5 and 6 non-touch screen smartphones, or discusses devices/procedures that are WM 5 and 6 smartphone-specific.

Best Smartphones for every mobile OS

Just a quick post. Gizmodo recently put out their list of the best smartphones for every platform.  Among the running was the iPhone 4, HTC Incredible, Samsung Focus...just to name a few.  Two of my favorites are the iPhone 4 and the HTC Droid Incredible.  Enjoy!


SBSH Releases Free Android Newsreader App!

"May 19th, 2010 - Following GoNews for Windows Mobile success, SBSH is excited to announce the availability of GoNews for Android! Announcing GoNews 1.0 for Android release, available for free download!" Go here for full press release, and info...


Web Browsing News & Reviews & Tips and Tricks (01/Mar/2010)

While there are very-very few new releases for Windows Mobile (almost all of the games and a lot of app/utility developers seem to have jumped ship and went straight for the iPhone), Web browsers seem to continuously receive love from app developers. At MWC (where I was also present), there have been even two major, new releases (the new Opera Mobile and BOLT).


GoNews Release and a Holiday Freebie at SBSH!

 GoNews, the very useful news reader from SBSH is now available for non-touchscreen Windows Smartphones, so go grab a copy.


SBSH updates Facade to version 2.1 and announces Facade Skins Arena!

“Tel Aviv, December 7th, 2009 - SBSH announced today a new update release for its best selling front-end replacement application for Windows Mobile Smartphones, SBSH Facade, to version 2.1.


Get an HTC Ozone for $49.99 and get a second one for FREE!

 This is a really awesome deal for anyone that wants a couple of decent WinMo phones! This is a $250 dollar value, and it won't last forever, so don't wait...Get two Verizon HTC Ozone Window phones for the low price of just $49.99. Full details over at Microsoft's mobile site here.


Multiplatform(!) review: Opera Mobile 10 beta released!

I’ve thoroughly tested the brand new Opera Mobile 10 beta on all the supported mobile phone platforms (Windows Mobile Professional / Standard and Symbian S60). In general, apart from some problems, I liked what I saw – particularly on Symbian and the touchscreen version of Windows Mobile.

The browser is available for download HERE for both operating systems. For Windows Mobile, a unified download (for both subtypes) is provided.

1. Windows Mobile


New SBSH Facade Released!

 "October 19th, 2009 - SBSH Mobile Software is excited to announce today the Facade for Windows Mobile Standard major update to version 2! SBSH Facade 2 for Smartphone is the ultimate front-end solution for WM Smartphones!


Web browser BOLT 1.5 out; comparison published

The new, 1.5 version of Java-based Web browser BOLT has just been released.

Opera Mini forum user / Serola has published an extensive, great comparison between it, Opera Mini 4.2 and UCWEB 6.3 HERE.


New MS Mobile Services and WinMo 6.5 Devices Coming Soon!!

 No doubt, WM has been a bit on the ropes (press-wise) since the amazingly successful appearance of Apple and Android-based phones. Microsoft, much like the proverbial sleeping giant, is stirring from it's slumber to respond. The initial response will come in the revamped form of several WinMo 6.5 phones available on Oct 6, 2009.


Web browsing news: Opera Mini 5b; no Iris browser any more; Fennec 1.0b3

1. The first beta of Opera Mini 5, with a completely redesigned interface on both touchscreen and non-touchscreen phones has been released.


Basic4ppc Celebrates 1 Million Downloads!!

"Erel Uziel founder and CEO of Basic4ppc said: We are glad the hard work is finally paying off. Now that Microsoft is due to launch the mobile market place this autumn. Basic4ppc will be an ideal tool for developers and small businesses who want to sell their original application online.


Google Maps, Mobile Marketplace, New Verizon Device

We’ll begin this week with news about a substantial update to Google Maps and about the forthcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile, but the most timely news is a new device from Verizon — and the strong prospect that Verizon or Sprint could come out with the Toshiba TG01, the hot new device with a speedy processor and a 4.1-inch screen.


New, free(!) cellular-to-Wi-Fi Internet sharing app released

If you know my Multiplatform Bible of using your handset as a modem, you may already know ICSControl, WalkingHotSpot and WMWifiRouter, the (so far) three applications that make a Wi-Fi access point out of your Windows Mobile phone.


Free Streaming TVApp, Celio Redfly, Samsung Omnia II

Amazing how we’ve come to expect so much more from our phones now, including streaming video. TheChanner is a free app that gives you access to over 300 streaming TV channels. This week we’ll also note a freebie that gives you an iPhone-like unlock screen, a review of the Celio Redfly (which turns your phone into a laptop), and an early review of the Omnia II.


Another revolutionary multiplatform utility by me: add "find in page" support to most mobile web browsers!!!

I’ve long been complaining about the lack of any “find in page” functionality in most mobile Web browsers. Now that I’ve played a bit with JavaScript scriptlets, I can proudly present a working solution to this problem.

All you need to do is, independent of the Web browser you use, add the following favorite:


Pharos Traveler, Sprint’s HTC Snap, New Devices from Acer

A steady stream of devices continues to appear — it’s hard to keep up. I try to focus on those that are available from major carriers and those that seem to be game-changers. This week we have some of both, including a new phone from Pharos that’s the first to work on T-Mobile’s 3G network (plus, it also works with AT&T’s 3G network), and new phones from Acer that have a remarkable and unique interface. Plus, we note the arrival of the HTC Snap from Sprint.


Opera Mobile Browser, Reviews of Touch Pro2, New Devices

Opera Mobile 9.7 is now available as a free Beta, and this might be a good time for you to try this browser, if you haven’t already. Also this week I’ll briefly point you to more reviews of the Touch Pro2, as well as note news and reviews of new devices, including the impressive Acer F1.


Pantech Matrix Pro: Dual-Sliding Fun

The Pantech Matrix Pro is now available for AT&T for $99 (with 2 yr contract). This is an attractive Windows Mobile 6.1 Smartphone both cosmetically with three color choices and internally with its dual sliding keyboard and other features.


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