Backing up Windows Mobile 5 devices

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s complete overview and test of WM 5 backup solutions here.

Get a storage card and a backup utility

Some Windows Mobile devices come with a built-in backup utility, which allows you to back up all or part of your data as well as any of the programs you have installed on a storage card.

How to back up and restore your Windows Mobile device

Pre-WM 5 devices: In the ActiveSync window on your desktop PC, click Tools >Backup/Restore. WM 5 and 6 devices: Use the built-in backup program or get a third-party backup/restore program.

Restore individual files from ActiveSync's backup

ActiveSync has an "all-or-nothing" function that lets you back up all the databases and other files into a single backup file on your desktop PC.

Back up your data regularly

You can always replace a lost or damaged Windows Mobile device, but you may not be able to replace the data on it. Keep your device synchronized with your desktop PC and back it up regularly. At the very least, use ActiveSync or Windows Vista’s Mobile Device Center on a daily basis to synchronize Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks information with your desktop PC.
Do a full system backup at least once a week. Also, it’s a good idea to have multiple backups.

Keep storage card with backup safe!

Most Windows Mobile devices come with a built-in utility that allows you to back up your personal data and any software you’ve installed on your device to a storage card. You should back up your device regularly so you have a copy of your data. You should also take some precautions to keep this backup card safe!