Setting the Sensitivity in Tasks and Calendar Appointments

One of the built in features of Tasks and Calendar Appointments is the ability to set the Sensitivity level. In the New Task or Appointment screen, there are four Sensitivity levels to choose from:
  • Normal (default setting)
  • Personal – Use for content that contains personal (not business-related) information.
  • Private – Use for personal or business-related content that you don’t want others (who may have access to a PC you synchronize with) to see.

Hiding or dismissing notifications

When receiving new e-mail and MMS messages or if you have a missed phone call on your Windows Mobile device, a “Notification” may appear in the lower left corner of the Today screen. Once you tap on the notification, you will have the option to either “Hide” or “Dismiss” it—tapping Hide will place it in the background, and it will remain on the bottom task bar; tapping Dismiss will permanently get rid of it.

Deleting all Outlook data quickly

For various reasons, you may need to delete all or large portions of your Outlook Mobile Contacts, Calendar, or Tasks entries. For example, you might want to delete a number of contacts at a company that went out of business. The ability to do this quickly is limited on Windows Mobile devices. Here is what you can do:

Appointments timestamp sync problem

If you find that your Appointments are transferred onto your desktop PC with the wrong timestamps on them, make sure that both your device and your desktop PC are in the same time zone.

Specify the view Calendar opens in

Calendar Week view displays an appointment summary: A summary of an appointment selected in Week view is displayed at the bottom of the screen on both touch screen and non-touch screen devices.

  1. Open Calendar and go to the Menu >Tools >Options screen.
  2. Select the desired view (Agenda, Day, Week, Month, and Year) from the drop-down menu labeled “Start in.”

Set “out of office” status

The Out of Office Assistant feature allows users with an Exchange Server 2007 mailbox to set “out of office” status from their mobile device.

  1. Open Messaging or Calendar.
  2. Select Menu >Tools >Out of Office.

How to add birthdays and anniversaries to Contacts and have Calendar remind you about them

You can enter birthdays or anniversaries for selected Contacts on your device in the Edit menu.

Switch views quickly with the hardware button in Calendar

To quickly cycle through the day, week, month, and year views in Calendar on your touch screen device, press the Calendar hardware button repeatedly. (If your device does not have a button assigned to Calendar, assign one from the Start >Settings >Buttons utility.) Pressing the Contacts hardware button in the same fashion will cycle through any categories that have been set up.

Stop using paper notes

Whenever someone gives you a phone number or some other important bit of information, resist the urge to write it on a piece of paper that you'll stuff in your pocket or briefcase. Paper notes are hard to organize and are easily lost. Take the extra 45 seconds to enter the information into Calendar, Contacts, or Tasks. If you're really in a hurry, hold down the voice record button and make a brief recording of the information. Then, when you get some time, transcribe the voice recording and enter the information into the appropriate application.

Calendar appointment symbols in Month and Day views

The icons used in Calendar’s Month and Day views provide information about the appointment. Here’s what they mean and how to make them appear.

Calendar Month view symbols
These square and triangular symbols appear in Calendar’s Month view by default and give you information about the appointments on a specific day.

See more about appointments and Tasks on the Today screen

If you find yourself constantly opening the Calendar application to check your upcoming appointments for the day, you can change the settings so that they will appear on the Today screen for quick viewing.
  1. Tap Start >Settings >Today.
  2. Tap on the Items tab and select Calendar.
  3. Tap the Options button and select “Upcoming appointments.” (Note: You can also check the "Display all day events" check box so that any event you entered in Calendar for that

Visiting option can throw off Calendar appointment times

The Clock & Alarms screen on touch screen devices lets you set a Home and Visiting city (not available on non-touch screen smartphones). Use Home to set the time zone, time, and date for where you live and work. Use Visiting to set the time zone, etc. for a city or location you visit. When you travel to this location, open Clock & Alarms and select Visiting and your clock will automatically be adjusted to the different time zone.

How to have your national holidays show up in Calendar

In the desktop PC’s Outlook, use Tools >Options >Calendar Options >Add Holidays to add national holidays and/or religious holidays; then sync with your Windows Mobile device.

How to set up and use Outlook Mobile categories

Use the Categories feature to group related Contacts, Tasks, and appointments. You can then use these categories to quickly find the information you are looking for. You can also create your own categories to group information in ways that make sense to you.

Transfer Outlook subfolders to Outlook Mobile

Synching Contacts subfolders is not natively supported in ActiveSync. However, PocketMirror Professional ( does support synchronization of multiple Outlook Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks folders with the corresponding Outlook Mobile applications. In addition, Microsoft offers an add-on to the desktop PC version of Outlook that enables one-way synchronization of Contacts folders. For more on this, check out

How to create a recurring Calendar appointment

You can set up a recurring Calendar appointment using the “Occurs” field in the New Appointment screen.

How to create, delete, and edit an appointment in Calendar

To create a new Calendar appointment, select Menu >New Appointment; to delete one, select Menu >Delete. To edit an existing appointment, tap on or select it, and select Edit (or Menu >Edit). (On touch screen devices you can tap and hold on an appointment and select these options from the pop-up Edit menu.) Don’t forget to set a lead time for your appointment in the Reminder field in the Edit menu.
Calendar’s new appointment screen on a Pocket PC (left) and a non-touch screen smartphone (right).

How to schedule a meeting using Calendar

Meetings are Calendar appointments that include other people. When you create a meeting, an e-mail containing the meeting request is sent to the people that you select in the Appointment dialog box. Note that WM 6 non-touch screen smartphones have this ability, but WM 5 smartphones do not.