Turn off the screen during calls

A tip from WMExperts.com describes how to use a freeware program to turn off the LCD screen on your smartphone during calls to save battery power. Click here for the article.

Sending an MMS video message

Amy Mayer from pdastreet.com describes how to send a video you record using your smartphone's camera as an MMS message. Click here for the article.

Avoid skyrocketing cell phone bills

John Frederick Moore at CNET.com gives advice on how to keep cell phone bills at a manageable level. Click here for the article.

Different factors may affect mobile phone call quality

Here is a list of different factors that can affect calls on your mobile phone:
  • Built-in components: The receptivity of the phone’s antenna as well as the quality of the built-in microphone and speaker can affect call quality. Different phones are built with different components, and bad performance may not always be the carrier’s fault. That said, most phone-enabled Windows Mobile devices in the U.S. are sold by carriers, and they test them extensively before offering them.

Find a wireless service provider first and then buy a device they support

The best way to find a wireless solution that works is to choose the wireless service provider that offers the coverage and services you want, and then buy a Windows Mobile device with a built in phone (Pocket PC Phone Edition, Smartphone Professional, Smartphone Standard) that they support or sell. This is particularly important when working with Sprint and Verizon in the U.S.

Activating your phone service

If you buy a phone-enabled device from a wireless carrier’s store, they will activate the phone service for you before you leave. If you order a phone from a wireless carrier via phone or online, you may have to activate the phone service yourself when you receive the phone. The process varies and the carrier will give you instructions on how to do it. If you have problems, contact the carrier’s help line.
Most wireless carriers around the world use either CDMA or GSM technology.

Connecting to the Internet on the go

Most recently-released Pocket PCs and Smartphones have the wireless capabilities you need to stay connected wherever you are. For example, most Pocket PCs and a few Smartphones have integrated Wi-Fi capabilities. And since Wi-Fi hotspots are becoming widely available in coffee shops, university campuses, municipal building, and malls, users of these devices will be able to browse the Web, via high-speed connections, wherever they can find a hotspot. To avoid disappointment, check out a few things before you leave on your next trip:

Make phone calls over the Internet using VoIP

A growing number of people are using the Internet to make inexpensive or free phone calls to places all around the world. These people are taking advantage of a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).