Download free GPS tracking software

Mologogo is offering free GPS tracking software for Windows Mobile 6 GPS-enabled touch screen smartphones. Mologogo can be used to keep track of friends or kids, share your location on the Web, find your phone if it gets lost, and more. Mologogo can be downloaded at

Download free “Cool Stuff” from Microsoft

Microsoft has created a new site that offers free Windows Mobile downloads ( The site includes Ringtones, Wallpapers, Themes, Games, and Maps, Directions, Traffic.

Add iPhone-like Contact scrolling to your device for free

A freeware program for touch screen devices called iContact provides iPhone-like scrolling for your Contacts. The program displays all your contacts vertically in a full screen format (except for the top task bar), and the list can be easily scrolled up or down using your finger or a stylus. A light touch on a contact name will open the normal Contact page, and if you tap OK, you will be taken back to the iContact list of contacts.

11 great free applications for touch screen devices

Here is a list of 11 great free applications for touch screen devices, including an excellent tetris game called Kevtris.

Free themes for Windows Mobile devices

You can change the look of the Today or Home screen on any Windows Mobile device (2002 or later) by selecting a different “theme” file. Individual themes include a color scheme for menus and a background image for the Today screen. To change the theme, please see “How to customize the Today or Home screen” in the Learning section.
Windows Mobile devices come with a couple of default themes.

Microsoft Reader is no longer built-in: it's now a free download

Microsoft no longer offers Microsoft Reader as part of the built-in software on the Pocket PC. However, it's available as a free download. You can get it at Microsoft's Web site (

Make Internet Explorer Mobile work with more sites

You’re having fun surfing the Web with your Windows Mobile device, but you find that you can’t access some of the sites that you’re used to visiting on your desktop PC. Why not? Most likely, these sites are checking for the browser version and are turning you away if you have a version of Internet Explorer that is earlier then 4.0.

Use a mouse pointer on your Pocket PC

You can use the free third-party program Pen Irazu ( to navigate your Pocket PC with the D-Pad using a mouse pointer. Note that there may be problems with the program if you use Landscape mode, as it was written before Landscape mode existed.

Free download: Microsoft Money for Pocket PCs

Microsoft offers a Pocket PC version of its popular desktop PC personal finance software, Microsoft Money. Once installed on your Windows Mobile device, the program lets you synchronize data with the PC version of the program, and access it when you're away from the office. You can also get up-to-date stock quotes when you synchronize your device, or through a live Internet connection.