Download free GPS tracking software

Mologogo is offering free GPS tracking software for Windows Mobile 6 GPS-enabled touch screen smartphones. Mologogo can be used to keep track of friends or kids, share your location on the Web, find your phone if it gets lost, and more. Mologogo can be downloaded at

GPS vs. aGPS: A Quick Tutorial

A number of new devices are coming out that feature aGPS (assisted GPS). Malatesta at provides an excellent tutorial on the differences between aGPS and standard GPS. Click here for the article.

Download GPS config for BlackJack II, Q 9h, Q 9c, and others

There is a "must-have" GPS utility that can assign it to COM4 for some non-touch screen smartphones. Click here to read about it and download it.
For a hack to improve GPS signal acquisition on the Sprint Q 9c, click here.

Configure touch screen devices to use GPS

Windows Mobile 5 and 6 touch screen devices have a GPS setup program called “GPS” (or “External GPS”) located in the System tab of Settings. This program allows you to set up and run more than one GPS application simultaneously. The GPS setup program has three tabs:

GPS receivers and other accessories cause extra drain on your device’s battery: get a car charger and a spare battery

GPS receivers require power to operate. If you have one built into your device, or if you add one using a cabled or CF/SD card interface, the receiver draws the needed power from your device. Bluetooth GPS receivers have their own rechargeable batteries, but to communicate with them your device must also have Bluetooth capability, and it must be turned on.

Get geocaching software to make things easier

Once you have a GPS-equipped device, you can buy geocaching software to make the whole thing easier. Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine recognizes Windows Mobile programs each year with its Best Software Awards. In the 2006 awards, GPS Tuner ( won the top honor in the geocaching category, and it is available for both the Pocket PC and Smartphone.

Use to learn about caches in your area and get geocaching software

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game in which the participants use a Global Positioning System receiver or other navigational techniques to find and hide containers (called “geocaches” or “caches”) anywhere in the world. You locate the cache by using a set of GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) provided by the person who placed the cache. Since GPS receivers are accurate to within about 10 feet, you may have to hunt around for it once you get to the coordinates.

How to add GPS capability

Some Windows Mobile devices have GPS capability built into them. If yours does not, you can add it by purchasing a GPS receiver and GPS navigation software.