Voice-operated IR applications

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses different voice-operated infrared remote controller applications, including VITO Remote and PDAWin TV remote controller 5.5. Click here for the article.

Types of infrared

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses the different types of infrared and what devices have the different types. Click here for the article.

“Toggling” in infrared explained

Werner Ruotsalainen explains the “toggling” functionality in infrared controllers, or emitting two different commands. Click here for the explanation.

Voice-operated infrared remote controller applications

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses the different options in remote controller applications. Click here for the article.

Enable Beam option to receive all incoming beams

In order to receive all infrared and Bluetooth beams on your Windows Mobile device, the Beam option must be enabled. Go to Start >Settings >Connections >Beam and check the "Receive all incoming beams" check box.

How to beam information between two devices using infrared

You can wirelessly transfer (a.k.a., “beam”) documents, contacts, appointments, tasks, and other files from one Windows Mobile device to another using the infrared capabilities built into most devices. The easiest way to beam one of these items from a touch screen device is to find it in the list view of the application, hold your stylus down on the file name until the edit menu pops up, and select the “Beam ...” option. On non-touch screen smartphones, highlight the item in a list and press Menu >Send >Beam.