Set the default settings for new Notes, Voice Notes

You can use the Input configuration utility in the Settings folder to change the default settings for Notes or Voice recordings. Go to Start >Settings >Input, select the Options tab, and do any of the following:

Create your own ringtone

The surest way to have a unique ringtone on your smartphone is to create your own by recording one! The process is simple on Windows Mobile devices. Follow these steps.

Touch screen devices:

Extracting Voice Note files to your desktop PC

Werner Ruotsalainen provides his own third-party program for extracting WAV files (Voice Notes) from Notes files so that they can be listened to on desktop PCs. Click here for the article.

Outlook Notes not synchronizing to your Pocket PC

You may receive the following error when you try to synchronize your Outlook Notes with the Pocket PC using Activesync: "Synchronization cannot be started because you are not able to log on to the network and access information. Restart your desktop computer and synchronize again. If the problem persists, contact your network administrator." If this happens, there is a good possibility that your Personal Folders Store (.pst) file is damaged. Microsoft's support Web site has a fix for this problem.

Stop using paper notes

Whenever someone gives you a phone number or some other important bit of information, resist the urge to write it on a piece of paper that you'll stuff in your pocket or briefcase. Paper notes are hard to organize and are easily lost. Take the extra 45 seconds to enter the information into Calendar, Contacts, or Tasks. If you're really in a hurry, hold down the voice record button and make a brief recording of the information. Then, when you get some time, transcribe the voice recording and enter the information into the appropriate application.

How to record and play back a Voice Note

You can create and play back an audio recording on your device using the Voice Recording feature. To record one on a touch screen device, select Start >Programs >Notes and tap on the button with a red circle (or press and hold down the button assigned to this function). On non-touch screen devices, select Start >Voice Notes >Record. To play it back, open the Notes (or Voice Notes) application and select the recording from the list.

How to convert embedded voice recordings in Notes files to .wav files

If you want to convert a voice note that is embedded in a note (.msg file) to a .wav file, you can use the third-party program Gold Wave.

How to switch between typed and handwritten text in Notes

The Notes application on touch screen devices lets you enter typed or handwritten text (and drawings) in a document. To switch between the two, open Notes, tap on Menu, and select (or deselect) Draw. When Draw is selected (indicated by a check mark), you can write on the screen and create maps or drawings. When it is unselected, you can use the soft keyboard or Transcriber to enter characters. Note that you can mix text and drawings on a single document.

How to enter short notes

The Pocket PC's Notes application lets you create short, free-form text or handwritten memos, which can contain drawings and sound recordings.