Phone Dialer

Three ways to make phone calls

Windows Mobile smartphones have a variety of ways that you can make phone calls. Here are the three primary ways:

Three Talk key functions

The green Talk key has three different functions:

  • While the phone is ringing, press Talk to answer the call.
  • If you press Talk when there is no call in progress, the Call History screen will open where you can select a call to bring up the person’s contact information (if available).
  • During a call, you can press and hold Talk to switch to speakerphone mode if your phone has this capability.

Learning Call History symbols

Outgoing, incoming, and missed calls are all stored in Call History (press the green Send Call button to view Call History) on Windows Mobile devices. Each type of call has a symbol associated with it to distinguish what type of call it is, which is located along the left edge of the Call History screen next to each number. They are:

Answer incoming calls automatically

You can set a phone-enabled touch screen device to answer calls automatically without pressing the Talk key.

  1. Go to Start >Settings >Phone >More tab.
  2. Check the box labeled “Answer incoming calls without pressing Talk after [x] rings” (under Automatic Pickup).
  3. Once you have checked this box, you can select the number of rings you want the phone to wait (1-10) before answering in the drop-down menu.
  4. Tap OK to save the changes.

Paste a number into the phone dialer

On touch screen devices, you can copy and paste a number (from a document, e-mail, or Web page) into the phone dialer. Note that the procedure may vary according to the device. On WM 6 Professional devices, you select Menu >Paste in the phone dialer, and the number will appear in the number field. On WM 5 devices like the Palm Treo, you tap and hold in the phone dialer field and then select Paste (after you have copied the number). On pre-WM 5 devices, select Edit >Paste. Once you have pasted the number into the dialer, hit the Call button to place the call.

WM 6 smartphones: Use left/right navigation button in Call History

In Windows Mobile 6 smartphones, you can use the left and right navigation button when in Call History to cycle through the different phone numbers of a contact. For the contact to appear in Call History, you must have called them or they must have called you. To open Call History, press the green Call button and highlight the contact you want to call (below the number field).

How to make, answer, and end a phone call

On a smartphone (Pocket PC Phone Edition, Smartphone Professional, or Smartphone Standard), press the external Call/Answer button, which usually has a green phone icon on it and is located to the left of the center navigational pad. Then, enter the desired number and press the Call/Answer button a second time to make the call.