Powering down phone-enabled devices to conserve power

Most phone-enabled devices can be powered down (completely turned off) to conserve battery power. This is accomplished by pressing and holding the power on/off button (or the red End Call button if your device has no power button). Note that powering down a device is different from leaving the device in suspend mode (which means that the screen is off but the device is still using power and its phone and other core operations are still running). Pressing the power button once on a touch screen device will put it into suspend mode (pressing it once again will turn it back on).

Boot into Safe Mode

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how to use third-party software to re-boot your Pocket PC into Safe Mode if you are having trouble re-booting correctly, particularly after installing a third-party program. Click here for the article.

Start a program automatically after a soft reset

If you want a program to start automatically on your Windows Mobile device after you do a soft reset, all you have to do is paste the program shortcut into your “StartUp” folder.
Open File Explorer (or File Manager) and navigate to the program that you want. Copy the program and navigate to the StartUp folder (under My Device\Windows). Paste the program in StartUp. The next time you soft reset your device, the program will automatically launch.

If your device is running slowly, do a soft reset

If your device is running slowly or becomes inoperable, the first thing you should do to remedy the situation is do a soft reset. This clears your devices memory. It is non-destructive—you do not lose data or programs you’ve installed on your device.

Perform a hard reset to restore your device to its original state

A hard reset restores your Windows Mobile device to the condition it was in when you removed it from the box. Any data you’ve saved on the device and any programs you’ve installed are gone. You’ll want to perform a hard reset if you sell your device or give it to someone else to make sure you’ve delete sensitive information. It might also be necessary if your device locks up and stops running. In this case, you should try a soft reset first.

How to hard reset your Windows Mobile device

Performing a hard reset restores your device to its factory default settings, and all data and installed programs are lost. Most devices have a unique way of being hard reset. Here is a list of devices with hard reset instructions for each.