Text and Reference

Customize your own word completion dictionary

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses what dictionaries already exist (like MikkoPPC) and provides a tool that will help you create your own. Click here for the article

Save user's manuals in electronic format

A user's manual for your device is usually available in PDF format on the Companion CD that shipped with it, and it may also be available on the manufacturer's Web site. In addition, user's manuals for many other electronic devices and appliances may be available in PDF format on the manufacturer's Web sites.

Keep reference materials on your device

Many organizations distribute reports, product information, sales information, and the like in word processor documents (DOC or TXT) or spreadsheets (XLS or WKS). You can read most of these in Word or Excel Mobile on the Pocket PC.
In addition, many companies offer sales documents, products lists, reference works, eBooks, etc., in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The Pocket PC does not come with a built-in PDF viewer.