Download free GPS tracking software

Mologogo is offering free GPS tracking software for Windows Mobile 6 GPS-enabled touch screen smartphones. Mologogo can be used to keep track of friends or kids, share your location on the Web, find your phone if it gets lost, and more. Mologogo can be downloaded at

Download and install ringtones on your device from your PC

There are thousands of inexpensive or free ringtones available on the Web, which you can download and install on your Windows Mobile device. After you have downloaded a ringtone to your desktop PC, follow these steps to install it on your device:

Set X button to close down programs completely

The X button in the upper right corner of a touch screen display does not really shut down the current program. For example, if you are working on a Word Mobile document and open Calendar to check an appointment, when you tap on Calendar’s X button Word Mobile pops back up and you no longer see Calendar. But Calendar is still running in the background, using some of your system RAM to do it.

Turn off the screen during calls

A tip from describes how to use a freeware program to turn off the LCD screen on your smartphone during calls to save battery power. Click here for the article.

How to get rid of auto-synchronization in Messaging

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how to use a registry editor to disable Messaging from being automatically synchronized when you sync your device to your desktop PC.

Click here for the article.

How to make your device look like a desktop PC to Web servers

If you want to browse the Web as if you were a desktop PC by viewing pages that are not in Internet Explorer Mobile mode, then read this Werner Ruotsalainen tutorial. He covers a number of different Web browsers, including Internet Explorer Mobile, Opera Mobile, and NetFront 3.3.

Click here for the article.

MAC address of your Wi-Fi unit/card

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how to obtain the MAC address of your Wi-Fi unit/card using both built-in and third-party applications. Click here for the article.

How to change the 5 minute backlight timeout limit

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s tutorial on making registry changes to get around the 5 minute backlight timeout limit.

Click here for the article.

E-mail Word docs or other files from your desktop PC to your mobile device

Why do this? You might be having problems with ActiveSync/Mobile Device Center, or you might be in a hurry and want to avoid the bother of connecting your device to your PC, opening Explorer, and copying and pasting files. Whatever the reason, it’s quick and easy to open your PC’s e-mail program, attach a file to an e-mail, and send it to yourself. If you have a phone-enabled device, you can access your e-mail from your carrier’s network. Another option is to send the e-mail to your Hotmail or Gmail account.

Powering down phone-enabled devices to conserve power

Most phone-enabled devices can be powered down (completely turned off) to conserve battery power. This is accomplished by pressing and holding the power on/off button (or the red End Call button if your device has no power button). Note that powering down a device is different from leaving the device in suspend mode (which means that the screen is off but the device is still using power and its phone and other core operations are still running). Pressing the power button once on a touch screen device will put it into suspend mode (pressing it once again will turn it back on).

Download free “Cool Stuff” from Microsoft

Microsoft has created a new site that offers free Windows Mobile downloads ( The site includes Ringtones, Wallpapers, Themes, Games, and Maps, Directions, Traffic.

GPS vs. aGPS: A Quick Tutorial

A number of new devices are coming out that feature aGPS (assisted GPS). Malatesta at provides an excellent tutorial on the differences between aGPS and standard GPS. Click here for the article.

The Today screen “New” menu

On pre-WM 5 touch screen devices, there was a convenient built-in feature on the Today screen: a New menu in the lower left corner that allowed you to quickly open a new Word document, Contact, Appointment, or other item without having to navigate to it through the Start menu.
This feature was left off of Windows Mobile starting with version 5, but a third-party freeware program called WM5NewMenu ( is available that adds this feature back to Windows Mobile

Perform restart immediately after uninstalling a program

In my work as Editor of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine, I have to install a lot of third-party software on my device so that I can test and review products or edit other authors’ reviews. I usually wait until I’m finished with a series of reviews before I delete these programs from my device, but that can cause a problem.
In some cases, after you delete a program, a message is displayed that instructs you to “restart the device to finish removing the program,” (below).

Listen to Sirius or XM satellite radio on your device

With a subscription to Sirius or XM satellite radio, the proper software, and a live Internet connection, you can listen to commercial-free music and other satellite radio programming on your touch screen device. Here’s how you do it.
Sirius subscribers
  1. Download Sirius WM5 at and install it on your device.

Download GPS config for BlackJack II, Q 9h, Q 9c, and others

There is a "must-have" GPS utility that can assign it to COM4 for some non-touch screen smartphones. Click here to read about it and download it.
For a hack to improve GPS signal acquisition on the Sprint Q 9c, click here.

Add iPhone-like Contact scrolling to your device for free

A freeware program for touch screen devices called iContact provides iPhone-like scrolling for your Contacts. The program displays all your contacts vertically in a full screen format (except for the top task bar), and the list can be easily scrolled up or down using your finger or a stylus. A light touch on a contact name will open the normal Contact page, and if you tap OK, you will be taken back to the iContact list of contacts.

11 great free applications for touch screen devices

Here is a list of 11 great free applications for touch screen devices, including an excellent tetris game called Kevtris.

Configure touch screen devices to use GPS

Windows Mobile 5 and 6 touch screen devices have a GPS setup program called “GPS” (or “External GPS”) located in the System tab of Settings. This program allows you to set up and run more than one GPS application simultaneously. The GPS setup program has three tabs:

Optimizing your Yahoo mail account

Read Werner Ruotsalainen discuss how to optimize a Yahoo mail account for Pocket PCs with the use of POP3, HTTP, or WAP accounts here.

Stop the soft input panel from automatically popping up

Werner Ruotsalainen reviews three different "null-SIPs," third-party programs that automatically hide the built-in software input panel when they are activated. Click here for the article.

Transferring PIM information (Contacts, etc.) and messages to other Windows Mobile devices without Outlook/Exchange

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how to transfer PIM files like Contacts and Calendar appointments from one Windows Mobile device to another (without using Outlook and ActiveSync) by using third-party programs such as SK Tools and PIM Backup. Click here for the article.

Bluetooth A2DP support via freeware

Some Windows Mobile devices do not support Bluetooth's Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), which decodes incoming Bluetooth audio and sends it wirelessly to a Bluetooth headset, allowing a user to enjoy music wirelessly through headphones on the device.

Use your Pocket PC as a Web camera

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses the third-party application CoolCamera which uses the built-in camera as a Web camera. Click here for the article.

Avoiding problems with the Windows Mobile shutdown model

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses ways you can improve the management of opening and closing processes. Click here for the article.

Viewing WordPerfect files on a Pocket PC

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses how WordPerfect files can be viewed on Pocket PCs by converting them to RTF files, since no third-party program exists to do it. Click here for the article.

Voice-operated IR applications

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses different voice-operated infrared remote controller applications, including VITO Remote and PDAWin TV remote controller 5.5. Click here for the article.

Hiding Internet Explorer vertical scrollbars

Werner Ruotsalainen recommends Internet Explorer plug-ins to hide vertical scrollbars, such as MultiIE or PIEPlus. Click here for the article.

Recommended voice controller applications

Werner Ruotsalainen recommends and discusses different voice controller programs for the Pocket PC, including Microsoft Voice Command and VITO Voice2Go. Click here for the article.

Synching Contacts between a Pocket PC and a smartphone

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s recommendation on how to directly sync Contacts between a Pocket PC and a Smartphone using the third-party program Indovisi SMS here.

Sound recorder compatibility with Windows Mobile 5 devices

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s roundup of sound recorder applications here.

Change the navigation pad scrolling behavior in Internet Explorer

You may notice that in Internet Explorer, if you use the navigation pad to scroll around on a Web page, the links will be highlighted instead of the entire page being scrolled. Werner Ruotsalainen discusses how to change this, from using registry editors to using third-party Web browsers. Click here for the article.

Install .CAB files from your desktop

Read Ben Stanley's description of how to use a third-party program called CABviaActiveSync to install CAB files to your device using ActiveSync on your desktop computer here

RealOne streamed content on Pocket PCs

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how to watch and listen to RealOne streamed content on Pocket PCs, including using a Wi-Fi access point. Click here for the article.

Roundup of registry editors

If you are interested in making changes to your registry, make sure and read Werner Ruotsalainen’s “Ultimate Roundup of Registry Editors for the Pocket PC.”

Voice-operated infrared remote controller applications

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses the different options in remote controller applications. Click here for the article.

Boot into Safe Mode

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how to use third-party software to re-boot your Pocket PC into Safe Mode if you are having trouble re-booting correctly, particularly after installing a third-party program. Click here for the article.

Speed up playback of audio files on Pocket PCs

The "Voice Pitch Lock" setting on Vito SoundExplorer ( allows you to slow down or speed up the playback speed. (Vito SoundExplorer supports Windows Mobile 2003 through Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PCs and includes a plug-in that lets you record and play back voice memos from the Today screen.)

Use third-party programs to convert images during synchronization

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses different ActiveSync plug-ins that convert images so that they will fit onto Pocket PC screens, such as Resco Picture Viewer and SplashPhoto. Click here for the article.

Accessing IMAP4 mail servers on the Pocket PC

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses the advantages of using IMAP4 to access your e-mail and the third-party applications that allow you to do so, such as FlexMail 2007 and Qmail. Click here for the article.

Stop the Internet disconnect when it’s not actively in use

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s recommendation on how to disallow the automatic Internet disconnect using the third-party program vxUtil. Click here for the article.

Internet Relay Chat clients

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s report on the testing of the compliance of Internet Relay Chat clients with Windows Mobile 5 devices here.

Java Midlets on the Pocket PC

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s extensive tutorial on the use and installation of Midlets such as the Opera Mini Web browser here.

How and why you can kill the ActiveSync process

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses why you may want to kill the ActiveSync process and the third-party programs that can be used to do so, incuding KillSync and Resync. Click here for the article.

Playing MiDi files on your Pocket PC

If you are interested in playing MiDi audio files on your Pocket PC, read Werner Ruotsalainen’s complete roundup of third-party applications that can do so. Click here for the article.

Customize your own word completion dictionary

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses what dictionaries already exist (like MikkoPPC) and provides a tool that will help you create your own. Click here for the article

Displaying a Pocket PC on a projector

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses the different methods of displaying the screen of a Pocket PC through a projector, including the use of an external CF/SD VGA output card. Click here for the article.

Pocket PC game emulators

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s post about listings of game emulators for the Pocket PC here.

Use third-party programs to convert images during synchronization

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses different ActiveSync plug-ins that convert images so that they will fit onto Pocket PC screens, such as Resco Picture Viewer and SplashPhoto. Click here for the article.

Listen to Internet radio on your device

Jaime Lendino provides advice and software and service recommendations for listening to Internet radio on your device. Click here for the article.

How to set an arbitrary suspend timeout in Windows Mobile

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how to set an arbitrary suspend timeout in Windows Mobile by using a third-party registry editor to make registry changes.

Click here for the article.

How to change your Messaging account names

The built-in Messaging application doesn’t allow you to change an account name after it has been created. Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s explanation of how to get around this using the third-party program Pocket dbExplorer.

Click here for the article.

E-mail clients for Pocket PCs

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s updated roundup of e-mail clients for Pocket PCs here.

How to extract Contacts from backup files

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how to use his own third-party program to extract Contacts from ActiveSync and backup files.

Click here for the article.

How to send HTML e-mails from your Pocket PC

Werner Ruotsalainen recommends using the program Qmail. Read his description of the process.

Click here for the article.

Changing the text font color on the Today screen

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses the third-party programs (including Tweaks2K2 and CETuner) that can change the Today screen’s text font color. Click here for the full article.

Turn your device into a remote control

Using third-party software, you can use your Windows Mobile device's IR (infrared) port as a remote for almost any electronic device, including TVs, VCRs, and DVD players. To find software that supports remote control capabilities, visit our Software Store ( and type “remote control” into the search field.

Finding a downloaded file

If you downloaded a file to your device and are unable to find it, then you should try looking for it in File Explorer (or File Manager) in Windows\Temporary Internet Files. Internet Explorer downloads all content to the subdirectories of the above mentioned directory. If a downloaded file does not have an association with any of the installed programs on your device, then it will be downloaded in that folder as well. You can copy the file from that folder to any other folder using File Explorer. To find a file more easily, you can sort the files by date.

Turning the sound off at set times

There may be times when you want to schedule the sound on your device to be off (such as during regular lectures or meetings) so that you don’t have to manually turn the sound off and back on again.

Use screensavers on your device

Just as with desktop PCs, you can install third-party screen savers on Windows Mobile devices. For some quick results, visit our Software Store ( and do a search on “screen savers.” Note that some Today screen plug-ins such as Spb Time ( have a screen saver function included as a feature.

Viewing, modifying, and synchronizing Pocket Access databases

When you transfer a Microsoft Access (.mdb) database from a desktop PC to a Pocket PC, the database is converted to a Pocket Access (.cdb) database. When you copy the Microsoft Access database from your desktop PC to your Pocket PC using the Explore feature of ActiveSync, a dialog box pops up. This dialog box has a text box where you can enter the location of the folder where you want to copy the database, by default, it is the My Documents folder.

Annotations settings in Microsoft Reader

You can add a bookmark, text note, highlight, or drawing when you are reading an eBook with Microsoft Reader. Just select some text in an eBook using your stylus, and as soon as you lift your stylus from the selected text, a menu will pop up with the four options to annotate your text. If you want, you can disable any or all these options from appearing in the menu.

Viewing file extensions on a Windows Mobile device

The File Explorer program built into the Pocket PC and Smartphone does not display file extensions. Instead, it displays an icon indicating the type of file you are dealing with. This is fine for most file types, but you may occasionally run into a file type that File Explorer does not recognize.

Free themes for Windows Mobile devices

You can change the look of the Today or Home screen on any Windows Mobile device (2002 or later) by selecting a different “theme” file. Individual themes include a color scheme for menus and a background image for the Today screen. To change the theme, please see “How to customize the Today or Home screen” in the Learning section.
Windows Mobile devices come with a couple of default themes.

Get a storage card and a backup utility

Some Windows Mobile devices come with a built-in backup utility, which allows you to back up all or part of your data as well as any of the programs you have installed on a storage card.

Don’t copy EXE installer files to your device

Most of the Windows Mobile third-party software programs you download from the Web come in the form of an executable installer file. You download this file to your desktop PC, connect your Windows Mobile device to the PC via the sync cable, use the PC’s File Explorer to find the file, and double-click on the file with your mouse to start the installation process.
Warning: Do not download or copy the installer file to your Windows Mobile device. The installation (EXE) program will only work when you run it from your PC.

Using CAB files to install programs

Some online vendors offer third-party programs as “CAB files.” These can be downloaded directly to your Windows Mobile device via a direct Internet connection or copied over using an ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center connection.

Touch screen and non-touch screen devices run different software

Touch screen and non-touch screen devices have the same operating system, but the user interfaces on these devices are different. For example, you can tap on a touch screen to access menus and other features, but all this is controlled by buttons on non-touch screen devices. Because of this, third-party software designed for a touch screen device will not run on a non-touch screen device, and vice versa.

Syncing with a Mac OS computer

ActiveSync doesn’t work with Mac OS computers, but alternatives are available. Check out Missing Sync ( and PocketMac Pro ( They’ll help your Windows Mobile device talk with your Macintosh computer.

Save user's manuals in electronic format

A user's manual for your device is usually available in PDF format on the Companion CD that shipped with it, and it may also be available on the manufacturer's Web site. In addition, user's manuals for many other electronic devices and appliances may be available in PDF format on the manufacturer's Web sites.

Finding and reading eBooks

There are a lot of novels and short stories available in various eBook formats. A list of some of the best eBook sites can be found on our Best Sites Web page ( The Microsoft Reader Web site ( has a list of commercial sites that offer eBooks in MS Reader (.LIT) format.

Perform a hard reset to restore your device to its original state

A hard reset restores your Windows Mobile device to the condition it was in when you removed it from the box. Any data you’ve saved on the device and any programs you’ve installed are gone. You’ll want to perform a hard reset if you sell your device or give it to someone else to make sure you’ve delete sensitive information. It might also be necessary if your device locks up and stops running. In this case, you should try a soft reset first.

Use software utilities to reset your device

If you perform numerous soft resets over time, you can damage the delicate switch inside the reset hole on the back of your device, especially if you press down on it with too much force. Fortunately, there are a number of third-party utilities that perform these functions without having to insert the stylus into a hole.

Turn your device into a travel companion

You can use your Windows Mobile device to store your travel itinerary, city guides, and more.
  • Track your travel itineraries: Instead of trying to keep track of a stack of papers when you’re on the go, enter your itinerary into your device using Word Mobile.

Where to get third-party software

In most cases, you can download and purchase third-party software directly from the developer’s Web site. However, many developers market their software through independent online stores. When a program we mention is available directly from the developer, we will list that site. If it is only available from an independent online store, we will list that site.

GPS receivers and other accessories cause extra drain on your device’s battery: get a car charger and a spare battery

GPS receivers require power to operate. If you have one built into your device, or if you add one using a cabled or CF/SD card interface, the receiver draws the needed power from your device. Bluetooth GPS receivers have their own rechargeable batteries, but to communicate with them your device must also have Bluetooth capability, and it must be turned on.

Get geocaching software to make things easier

Once you have a GPS-equipped device, you can buy geocaching software to make the whole thing easier. Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine recognizes Windows Mobile programs each year with its Best Software Awards. In the 2006 awards, GPS Tuner ( won the top honor in the geocaching category, and it is available for both the Pocket PC and Smartphone.

Use to learn about caches in your area and get geocaching software

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game in which the participants use a Global Positioning System receiver or other navigational techniques to find and hide containers (called “geocaches” or “caches”) anywhere in the world. You locate the cache by using a set of GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) provided by the person who placed the cache. Since GPS receivers are accurate to within about 10 feet, you may have to hunt around for it once you get to the coordinates.

Keep reference materials on your device

Many organizations distribute reports, product information, sales information, and the like in word processor documents (DOC or TXT) or spreadsheets (XLS or WKS). You can read most of these in Word or Excel Mobile on the Pocket PC.
In addition, many companies offer sales documents, products lists, reference works, eBooks, etc., in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The Pocket PC does not come with a built-in PDF viewer.

How to install and use Voice Command

Install Microsoft Voice Command on your touch screen device and speak into the microphone to command it to look up Contacts, make phone calls, and more.

Microsoft Reader is no longer built-in: it's now a free download

Microsoft no longer offers Microsoft Reader as part of the built-in software on the Pocket PC. However, it's available as a free download. You can get it at Microsoft's Web site (

Excel is a powerful built-in calculator

In addition to the simple calculator built into Windows Mobile devices, all Pocket PCs and Smartphone Professionals have Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet program built into them. Excel has powerful capabilities, allowing you to create formulas and functions, calculate values of data entered into a range of cells, and more.

You can install third-party software on your device

There are thousands of third-party software programs available to add functionality and fun to your device. Please see the Learning and Mastering sections for more details on available third-party software and how to install them.

How to add GPS capability

Some Windows Mobile devices have GPS capability built into them. If yours does not, you can add it by purchasing a GPS receiver and GPS navigation software.

Playing YouTube and other Flash Video Files (.FLV) on a Windows Mobile device

You can download the free Macromedia (Adobe) Flash Plug-in ( to view some Flash content, but it will not support most YouTube and Google Video files.

How to convert Word documents to .LIT files and view them with Microsoft Reader

You can view, but not edit a Word document by saving it as an eBook and opening it in Microsoft Reader for Pocket PC. Download the “Word 2002/2000 Add-in” ( and install it on your desktop PC. (If your touch screen device does not have MS Reader, you can also download it from this link.) Open the desired document in Word and then on the Microsoft Reader icon in the tool bar. After entering your desired save options for the document, click OK. In ActiveSync, copy the file to the My Documents folder on your device so that it will be listed in the Library view of Microsoft Reader.

How to find the best software

Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine's Best Software Awards ( is a great place to check if you're looking for good software.

How to download news and other content automatically with RSS feeds

Install NewsBreak (, PocketRSS (, or another RSS news reader program on your Windows Mobile device; specify the news feeds you’re interested in; have them delivered to your Internet-connected device automatically.

Reduce size of video and music files

Although some movie files can be up to 700 MB, the size of video and music files can be greatly reduced by reformatting them using Windows Media Encoder (, a free desktop PC application from Microsoft.

Transfer Outlook subfolders to Outlook Mobile

Synching Contacts subfolders is not natively supported in ActiveSync. However, PocketMirror Professional ( does support synchronization of multiple Outlook Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks folders with the corresponding Outlook Mobile applications. In addition, Microsoft offers an add-on to the desktop PC version of Outlook that enables one-way synchronization of Contacts folders. For more on this, check out

Synchronize your device with Outlook Express

You cannot use ActiveSync to synchronize your device with Outlook Express, but there are third-party solutions that let you do this. Check out IntelliSync ( and SyncExpress (

Free push e-mail solution for Windows Mobile

Emoze is a FREE push e-mail solution for Windows Mobile devices as well as other mobile devices. I’ve tried it and it works great. The installation process is very simple: all you have to do is enter the Web site and install it according to your device model. Emoze synchronizes Outlook’s Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks with full support of attachments. If you want to try it, go to (Emoze is based on Exchange Server 2003.

Playing tracked music on your Pocket PC

Many Pocket PC games contain “tracked” (a.k.a. “module”) music that is very easy to extract and listen to without actually running the game. In my post titled “Listen to the music of the great space shooter game Enslave without having to start the game” (4/8/06), I’ve already elaborated on the JT MOD Player 1.0. In this post, I elaborate on the latest developments in the Pocket PC world relating to playing back tracked music.

How to convert embedded voice recordings in Notes files to .wav files

If you want to convert a voice note that is embedded in a note (.msg file) to a .wav file, you can use the third-party program Gold Wave.

Encrypt your sensitive files

Sentry 2020 ( is an excellent “on-the-fly” encryption program that encrypts touch screen device files as they are produced or saved. You can also use Resco File Explorer ( to select and encrypt individual or groups of files.

Control your device with your PC's keyboard and mouse

You can use third-party programs like Remote Keyboard ( and Pocket Controller-Professional ( to control your Windows Mobile device using your desktop PC’s keyboard and mouse. This makes it easier to enter text, take screen shots, and more.

Synchronize data with non-Microsoft PIMs

ActiveSync does a good job of synchronizing Outlook data, but doesn’t support some Outlook features or other desktop PC Personal Information Managers. Fortunately, a number of third-party applications are available to help you with that. Check out the following:

Print documents from your Windows Mobile device

The ability to send documents to a printer is not built into Windows Mobile devices. The easiest way to print out a document or Outlook information is to transfer it to your desktop PC and print it out from there. If you must print from a Windows Mobile device, check out these third-party solutions:

How to enable Direct Push Technology

By configuring your device to synchronize “As items arrive” you can receive messages almost instantly while using much less battery power and bandwidth with Microsoft Exchange Direct Push Technology. E-mail is then automatically downloaded to the device from the Exchange Server over the air (OTA) through your wireless service account or other connected means.
  • Direct Push Technology: A technology that offers the instant delivery of messages to your Windows Mobile device over the air (OTA) through your wireless service account.
  • Exchange Server: A messaging and collaborative software product developed by Microsoft that is widely used by enterprises.
  • Messaging & Security and Feature Pack: An update to the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 platform to support Direct Push Technology and enhanced security features. These features are included with all Windows Mobile 6 devices.
In the past, before Direct Push Technology, devices were required to connect with the server at specified time intervals or they were triggered by SMS messages to re-sync using ActiveSync. This required a lot of system resources, notably bandwidth (needed to remotely connect the mobile device to the server) and battery life (needed to constantly run these lengthy synching processes). Direct Push Technology saves battery life and bandwidth by maintaining an open Internet connection and only downloading items as they change, instead of executing a lengthy synching process. The open Internet connection may be achieved in a number of ways: through connection to the ActiveSync cradle, through the wireless phone service itself (the device does not even have to be in active mode) or by Wi-Fi (the Wi-Fi connection must be open).
The Direct Push Technology protocols have been included in Windows Mobile 6 and through updates to the Windows Mobile 5 operating system for each specific device. They can be installed by running Microsoft’s “Messaging and Security Feature Pack” which upgrades the mobile device’s OS to the latest version.

Try before you buy

Microsoft periodically upgrades the OS and applications found on Windows Mobile devices. They design the OS to be “backward compatible,” which means that third-party software written for earlier versions of the OS should work on devices running newer versions. Because of differences in screen resolutions and the user interfaces found on newer Windows Mobile devices, there are cases where software written for an earlier version of the OS will not work well on a later version.

Make Internet Explorer Mobile work with more sites

You’re having fun surfing the Web with your Windows Mobile device, but you find that you can’t access some of the sites that you’re used to visiting on your desktop PC. Why not? Most likely, these sites are checking for the browser version and are turning you away if you have a version of Internet Explorer that is earlier then 4.0.

How to read eBooks

You can read eBooks (electronic books) on your Windows Mobile device using Microsoft Reader ( and other third-party eBook readers. Check out the online version of this How-to to learn how to activate and use Microsoft Reader and find other eBook resources.

No need for antivirus/firewall software on Windows Mobile devices

It is unlikely that you will need any Antivirus/Firewall Software for your device. Also, this software can take up a lot of valuable system resources.

Restore individual files from ActiveSync's backup

ActiveSync has an "all-or-nothing" function that lets you back up all the databases and other files into a single backup file on your desktop PC.

Where to find free game emulators

Game Boy Advance (GBA) is a very popular portable gaming machine from Nintendo. It has quite advanced games and, therefore, there has always been a big demand for GBA emulators on other platforms. Touch screen devices (Pocket PCs) are no exception—there are quite a few GBA emulators on this platform.

Use a mouse pointer on your Pocket PC

You can use the free third-party program Pen Irazu ( to navigate your Pocket PC with the D-Pad using a mouse pointer. Note that there may be problems with the program if you use Landscape mode, as it was written before Landscape mode existed.

Free download: Microsoft Money for Pocket PCs

Microsoft offers a Pocket PC version of its popular desktop PC personal finance software, Microsoft Money. Once installed on your Windows Mobile device, the program lets you synchronize data with the PC version of the program, and access it when you're away from the office. You can also get up-to-date stock quotes when you synchronize your device, or through a live Internet connection.

Use Resco Explorer to manage Bluetooth file transfers

There are a number of ways to use Bluetooth to transfer images, music, and other files from one Windows Mobile device to another. Unfortunately, using the built-in Bluetooth manager to do this is not very easy. A simpler and more straightforward way is to use Resco Explorer ( Since this is a third-party file explorer for Windows Mobile devices, you have to purchase it and install it on your device.

Create your own ringtones

If you aren't satisfied with the built-in ringtones or can't find one you like, read Kevin Ebi's article ( on how to create your own.

Windows Mobile 5 software compliance

Theoretically, Microsoft develops Windows Mobile to be backward compatible with third-party software developed for previous versions of the OS. However, new versions of the OS support additional screen resolutions and other features that interfere with this. Sometimes, compatibility claims by third-party developers are not accurate. Before you purchase a program, download the trial version (if available) and test it on your device.

Close down applications fast with "task switchers"

You can use task switching programs to completely close down one or all open applications. A task switcher is a utility program that lets you either switch between open applications or close them down completely.
Most devices have a third-party "task switcher" built in. For example, Dell Axim Pocket PCs have a program called Switcher Bar.

Make phone calls over the Internet using VoIP

A growing number of people are using the Internet to make inexpensive or free phone calls to places all around the world. These people are taking advantage of a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Tasks hidden in e-mail

A fact of life for the mobile worker is that he/she gets a lot of tasks that are buried inside of e-mails. For example, you might receive an e-mail that contains the statement “Prepare a summary of budget status for next staff meeting.” The problem is that this e-mail may be lumped in with fifty other e-mails, some of which require other actions and some of which are just junk.