Sending an MMS video message

Amy Mayer from describes how to send a video you record using your smartphone's camera as an MMS message. Click here for the article.

Use your Pocket PC as a Web camera

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses the third-party application CoolCamera which uses the built-in camera as a Web camera. Click here for the article.

RealOne streamed content on Pocket PCs

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how to watch and listen to RealOne streamed content on Pocket PCs, including using a Wi-Fi access point. Click here for the article.

Stream your own media content

You can stream music and videos you have stored on your desktop PC over the Web and listen to or view them on an Internet-connected Windows Mobile device (or other computer) anywhere in the world. Orb ( is the free service that makes this possible. After you’ve signed up and installed the Orb Media application on your PC, you can access the media content stored on it over a secure Internet connection.

Play video & audio in various formats

Media Player Mobile can only play video in ASF (Advanced Streaming Format) or WMV (Windows Media Video) formats. In addition, it can only handle audio in WMA (Windows Media Audio) and MP3 formats. If you want to play content saved in another format, you will have to first convert it to one of the supported formats or install a media player application that supports the other format.

How to listen to music and watch videos

Microsoft Windows Media Player Mobile is software that lets you play music and videos on your Windows Mobile device.

Playing YouTube and other Flash Video Files (.FLV) on a Windows Mobile device

You can download the free Macromedia (Adobe) Flash Plug-in ( to view some Flash content, but it will not support most YouTube and Google Video files.

How to make Video iPod owners envious

Use Pocket PC Encoder on your PC and TCPMP on your Windows Mobile device to convert and watch full-screen videos from a variety of content sources.

Getting movies onto a Windows Mobile device

You can use the third-party program Windows Movie Maker on your PC to convert MPEG movie files into DIVX or WMV format so that they can be viewed on your Windows Mobile device. After you install it on your PC, simply import the MPEG into Movie Maker and then save it as a Windows Media file. Windows Movie Maker is a free download from Microsoft: