Random Tips and How-Tos

Get a storage card and a backup utility

Some Windows Mobile devices come with a built-in backup utility, which allows you to back up all or part of your data as well as any of the programs you have installed on a storage card.

Displaying a Pocket PC on a projector

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses the different methods of displaying the screen of a Pocket PC through a projector, including the use of an external CF/SD VGA output card. Click here for the article.

Make phone calls over the Internet using VoIP

A growing number of people are using the Internet to make inexpensive or free phone calls to places all around the world. These people are taking advantage of a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

How to set an arbitrary suspend timeout in Windows Mobile

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how to set an arbitrary suspend timeout in Windows Mobile by using a third-party registry editor to make registry changes.

Click here for the article.

How to control your touch screen device

Start applications and access features on your touch screen device using the stylus and touch screen, or use the various hardware buttons to open and close programs and documents and navigate through the various program menus.

Hiding Internet Explorer vertical scrollbars

Werner Ruotsalainen recommends Internet Explorer plug-ins to hide vertical scrollbars, such as MultiIE or PIEPlus. Click here for the article.

You can't uninstall the built-in applications

Even if you never use Word, Excel , or PowerPoint Mobile, you can’t uninstall any of the Microsoft programs to free up file storage space. Microsoft considers the built-in software an integral part of your device and pre-installs it into a portion of flash ROM that cannot be accessed by the end user.

Use “Copy Contact” option to duplicate information

If you need to enter multiple new contacts into your device and they have much of the same information, such as several people from the same company, you can use the Copy Contact option instead of creating a new Contact for each person. Follow these steps:

How to hard reset your Windows Mobile device

Performing a hard reset restores your device to its factory default settings, and all data and installed programs are lost. Most devices have a unique way of being hard reset. Here is a list of devices with hard reset instructions for each.

Sharing an Internet connection through Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses how to use your device as an Internet access point through Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. Click here for the article.

Use ActiveSync as a Recycle Bin for your device

You are probably aware that if you delete a file on your Windows Mobile device, it's gone for good. Unlike a Windows desktop PC, there's no Recycle Bin you can go to to undelete the file. The tip here is, make sure you want the image file, word document, spreadsheet, etc., gone before you delete it.
Fortunately, there is a workaround using ActiveSync, which makes it possible to undelete a file.

Changing the text font color on the Today screen

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses the third-party programs (including Tweaks2K2 and CETuner) that can change the Today screen’s text font color. Click here for the full article.

How to change your Messaging account names

The built-in Messaging application doesn’t allow you to change an account name after it has been created. Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s explanation of how to get around this using the third-party program Pocket dbExplorer.

Click here for the article.

Microsoft Reader is no longer built-in: it's now a free download

Microsoft no longer offers Microsoft Reader as part of the built-in software on the Pocket PC. However, it's available as a free download. You can get it at Microsoft's Web site (microsoft.com/reader/downloads/ppc.asp).

View Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 tips on YouTube

Microsoft has produced a series of narrated and animated tips on using Windows Mobile 6 Professional (for touch screen devices) and posted them on YouTube (youtube.com). The tips cover the use of Contacts, e-mail, Call History, and more. To view the tips, go to YouTube and do a search for “Windows Mobile tips.” The Microsoft tips (numbered 1-9) should be the first search results listed.

Installing the same application on several storage cards

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how you can rerun the installer on each storage card or use a card reader. Click here for the article.

Use SmartFilter to display the messages you want

The SmartFilter feature allows a user to display only those messages that relate to the filtering criteria entry. This lets the user display the information he or she is interested in. Note that WM 6 does not support synchronization of Contacts subfolders. However, you can use the SmartFilter feature to filter contacts by category. Note also that SmartFilter is available in other applications.

How to connect to a Wi-Fi network

To connect to a Wi-Fi network, activate Wi-Fi on your device. In most cases, it will “sniff out” the available networks in your immediate area and present a list of them. Select the one you want and it will connect in a few seconds.

Turn down volume level to save power

When conserving power to extend battery life, every little bit helps. One way to conserve a little more power is to turn the volume down to the lowest setting that is bearable for you.

How to keep Internet Explorer secure

You can delete and disallow cookies and adjust your security settings in Internet Explorer Mobile from the Menu >Tools >Options >Security page (non-touch screen smartphones: Menu >Tools >Options).