Pre-WM 5 Pocket PCs: Customize the New menu

You can open a new (empty) document in Word Mobile by tapping on the New button in the lower left corner of the screen. The New button is also found on Excel Mobile, Notes, Contacts, and other applications. The key here is that you have to be in the desired application to open a new document associated with that application.
In addition to the New button, pre-Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PCs have a New menu which is activated by tapping on the small up-arrow icon next to the New button. Tap on the arrow icon and a pop-up menu displays a list of different new document types: Appointment, Contact, Excel workbook, e-mail Message, Note, Task, or Word document. Tap on the document type and the appropriate application opens with a blank document (or data screen) displayed.
You can customize this New menu list by going to Start >Settings >Menus and tapping on the New Menu tab. Then check the items you want to appear in the New menu list. At the top of this screen is a check box labeled “Turn on New button menu.” If this box is checked, the New menu icon will appear in Contacts, Excel, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, and Word. If it is not checked, it does not appear in these applications. The New menu appears on the Today screen whether or not the box is checked.
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