Select an ink color in Transcriber

Transcriber is found on all Windows Mobile touch screen devices. When activated, it allows you to use your stylus to write on the screen in print, cursive, or mixed styles, and have the writing translated into text. By default, your handwriting appears as blue “ink” on the screen. After it is translated into text, the ink disappears from the screen. You can change the ink color from the default Blue setting to a different color by following these steps:

  1. First, make sure that Transcriber is selected as your input method. (If it’s not, you won’t be able to change its options.) To do this, open any application that accepts text. If the input panel is not visible, tap on the input icon at the bottom of the screen to display it. Then, tap on the small up-arrow icon next the input panel icon to display the input options. Finally, select Transcriber from the list.
  2. Once you’ve selected Transcriber as your input method, tap on the up-arrow icon again and select Options to go to the Input settings screen. (Alternatively, you can select Start >Settings >Input).
  3. Tap on the Options button below the Input method screen.
  4. In the Options screen, select the Inking tab. Then select the ink color from the pop-up Color menu (see screen). (Pre-WM 2003 Second Edition devices: Tap on the Color button and select one from the pop-up menu.)
  5. Tap OK twice to leave the Input Settings screen.
The Inking tab in Transcriber’s Options screen lets you set the color of your ink and set other options.
Note that you can also use this menu to adjust the Pen Width and the Recognition Delay (the length of time after you stop writing that Transcriber waits before translating).
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