Select and dial phone numbers quickly with the D-pad

The Contacts manager built into all Windows Mobile devices lets you store more than one phone number for each contact (Work, Mobile, Home, Fax, etc.). When you tap on an item in the Contacts list, the various numbers are displayed on the screen with icons next to them. If your Windows Mobile device has phone capability, you can tap on the displayed number to place the call. Fortunately, there’s a quicker way to do this:

  1. Open Contacts and scroll to the desired contact in the list view.
  2. Press the left or right navigation button on the D-pad to cycle through the various phone numbers associated with that contact (indicated by a letter or letters on the right edge of the screen). When the desired number is displayed…
  3. Press the green Call/Send button to place the call.
Cycling through contact numbers in the list view via the D-pad is a quick way to get the number you want.
As you cycle through the phone numbers (step 2 above) a lowercase letter (or letters) will appear to the left of each number, indicating what it is (“w” for work phone, “m” for mobile phone, “h” for home phone, “pgr” for pager, etc.). This process will also display e-mail and Web addresses, and IM names. If one of these is displayed, press the center select button on the D-pad twice to send a message, open a Web page, etc.
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