T9 keypads: Entering punctuation, symbols, and numbers quickly

Cell phone users are familiar with T9 numeric keypads, which assign 3 or 4 letters to each key and allow you to enter letters by holding down a number key until the letter appears. You can also use a T9 keypad to enter punctuation marks, symbols, and numbers. Here’s how you do it:

  • Press the “1” key to enter some of the more common punctuation marks and symbols. For example, press it once to enter a period, twice for a question mark, three times for an exclamation mark, etc. (These may vary depending on the device.)
  • Press and hold the “#” key to get a full list of symbols. (Note that this may not work on all smartphones.)
  • To enter a number, press and hold down the appropriate number key until the number appears. This is much quicker than selecting it from a list or pressing the key repeatedly to cycling through characters.
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