Adjust the scrolling speed of the D-pad

The D-pad allows you to scroll through menus, lists, and data fields on your Windows Mobile device. You can fine tune the D-pad’s scrolling speed on touch screen devices by adjusting its “Repeat rate” and “Delay before first repeat.” Here’s how you do it:
  1. Go to the Start >Settings >Buttons >Up/Down Control tab.
  2. Adjust the slider on the “Delay before first repeat” field. If you hold the D-pad in the down or up position, it waits a brief period of time before scrolling. This slider adjusts the amount of time it waits before scrolling. You can use your stylus to tap and hold on the indicator and drag it to the desired setting, or you can use the left or right buttons on the D-pad to make the adjustment.
  3. Adjust the slider on the “Repeat rate” field. This adjusts the actual speed that you scroll through a list or menu, once scrolling has started. Adjust this setting the same way you adjusted the other slider.
The new settings won’t take effect until you tap OK. You may have to experiment with these settings to find something you are comfortable with.
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