Stop the soft keyboard from popping up

Touch screen devices have a built-in soft keyboard that will pop up automatically every time there is an opportunity to enter text. This is a convenient feature on devices that do not have hardware keyboards, but it can quickly become annoying if you have a built-in QWERTY keyboard and prefer to use it for text entry.
If you want the soft keyboard to stop popping up, go to an application or screen that accepts text. When the soft keyboard pops up, ignore it and use your device’s hardware keyboard to enter text. Once you start typing, the soft keyboard will automatically disappear and will remain hidden upon subsequent text entry opportunities until you tap the soft keyboard icon.
The important point here is to start typing with the hardware keyboard to make the soft keyboard disappear. Do not tap on the soft keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen to minimize it. This will hide the soft keyboard, but it will pop up again automatically once a new text entry opportunity arises.
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