Software and Accessories for your Brand New WM Device!

Inexpensive add-ons turn a new WM device into a dream machine.

You just got a new Windows Mobile device, have taken it out of the box, and are wondering exactly what you can do with it. The first thing to do is to go to the Start menu and take a look at all the programs that come preinstalled. Notice the Microsoft Mobile Office Suite that contains Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These are the components for super productivity, which make a Windows Mobile device the best choice. There will be other programs as well depending on the manufacturer.

However, this is just the beginning. There are thousands of applications and accessories available to enhance your new pocket pal. But how do you know which ones you should acquire? I believe that there are some general applications that everyone should consider, and that's what this article will discuss. Of course, you may also have some professional and specific software needs as well that pertain to your profession—these won't be covered here.

"Newbies" are constantly asking me for recommendations, so I scratched my head and came up with a list of both software and accessories that I suggest a reasonably well-equipped device should sport.

Must-have software

Instant access and system utilities

The first thing you want to consider is some kind of program that will make it easier to monitor the status of your system, launch programs, close programs completely, and delve into the depths of your system without a choreographed tap dance.

Pocket Plus screenshot Pocket Plus (touch screen only, $29.95: Pocket Plus is one of my favorites because it includes a program launcher, system resource monitor, task manager, and is tabbed to accept add-ins such as Spb Weather and Spb Mobile Shell. I highly recommend both of these add-in programs. Spb Mobile Shell is a brilliant application that organizes and displays your device contents for easy access with the touch of a finger. Unlike some similar applications, these may be installed on a memory card to save main memory. Spb Weather displays up-to-date weather info on your Today screen. Pocket Plus is not perfect, however, as it lacks some features offered by other programs such as a system clean-up utility. In addition, you have to return to the Today screen to access this program and its features. (A full review of Pocket Plus is on page 43.)


True Toolbar (touch screen only, $12.99: This is another instant access program that I hold in high regard. It functions as a task manager, program launcher, and system monitor. The main difference between it and Pocket Plus is that it is accessed by tapping on an icon that resides on the title bar at the top of the page. This means that it's available from any application. This was the deciding factor for me, and it is my instant access program of choice now. While you're on Valksoft's site, you might want to pick up a copy of Space Reclaimer ($9.99), a utility that lets you delete unneeded files to keep your machine running lean and mean.

SK Tools (touch screen only, $12.99: This is an excellent software utility tool kit for your touch screen device. Several developers offer this type of product, but SK Tools is the Swiss Army Knife of tool kits. This amazing set of utilities performs all manner of valuable services, including cleaning the registry and file system; freeing up RAM; cleaning out cache folders, e-mail attachments, duplicate files, shortcuts, bad uninstall info; and much more. It will perform 70 different system tweaks in 10 categories, and even monitors your CPU performance.

SKTools screenshot


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