How to create program launch icons


Use File Explorer (Smartphones: File Manager) to create and copy application launch shortcuts to the Windows/Start Menu/Programs or folder.

  • How to use the edit features of File Explorer/File Manager
Here's how to do it:
When you install third-party programs, a program launch icon (a.k.a., "shortcut") is automatically placed in your Programs folder, allowing you to launch the program. However, sometimes it is useful to create program launch icons yourself. In addition, you can create a shortcut to an important file folder for quick access (Pocket PC only). Follow these steps:
  1. Open File Explorer/File Manager on your device and navigate to the game or program for which you want to create a shortcut. To find the program file, go to the My Device/Program Files folder. Inside the Program Files folder, there are folders for each third-party software program that has been installed. If the program was installed on a memory card, there will be a program folder on the memory card. Inside the individual program folder, you will find the program file, which when tapped, launches the program.
  2. Tap and hold the program file until the edit menu pops up and select the Copy option. (Smartphones: Select the program file and select Menu >File >Create Shortcut.)
  3. Navigate to My Device/Windows/Start Menu/Programs (or any subsequent folder).
  4. Go to the bottom of the list and tap and hold the white space beneath the list. (Smartphones: Navigate to the desired folder.)
  5. When the edit menu pops up, select the Paste Shortcut option. (Smartphones: Select Done.)
You can also create subfolders of your choice in the Programs folder using File Explorer, and organize your launch icons in any way you choose.
You can also paste shortcuts into My Device/Windows/Start Menu if you want it to show up on the Start Menu. 
Rename the shortcut
The creation process sometimes gives the new shortcut a strange name (e.g., "Shortcut to ScreenSnap"). You can shorten this or change the shortcut name completely by following these steps:
  • On the Pocket PC: After you have created the new shortcut, tap and hold it, and select the Rename option from the pop-up menu. Enter a new name or shorten the existing one and then tap another part of the screen to complete the process.
  • On the Smartphone: Select the new shortcut and press Menu >File >Rename. Enter the new name and press Done.
By Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine staff

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