How to create, edit, and manage Contacts

Use Contacts to store and quickly access phone numbers, e-mail addresses, home addresses, and other information relating to a contact. You can even add a picture or assign a ringtone to a Contact.
Here's how to do it: 
Creating a new Contact
  1. Open Contacts and select New. This displays an empty Contact screen allowing you to enter a person’s name, job title, company, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and more.
  2. When you’re finished entering the information, select OK (non-touch screen smartphones: Done). Note: If your Contact list has been filtered by a category when you create a Contact, that category is automatically assigned to the new Contact. (See “How to set up and use Outlook Mobile categories” in the Using section.)
You can also create multiple Contacts with similar contact information, based on an existing one.
  1. WM 5 and 6 touch screen devices: Tap and hold on an item in the Contacts list and select Copy Contact from the pop-up menu. Pre-WM 5 Pocket PCs: Scroll to and select an item in the Contacts list and tap on Tools >Copy Contacts. Smartphones: Scroll to and select an item in the Contacts list, and then select Menu >Copy Contact. These actions create a copy of the selected item in the Contacts list.
  2. Scroll to the copy in the Contacts list and edit the copy as desired (see next point). When you are finished, select OK (smartphones: Done).
Editing a Contact
  1. Find the desired item from the Contacts list and tap it or select it.
  2. Select Edit to display the full Contact information (smartphones: Menu >Edit).
  3. When you’re finished making changes, select OK (smartphones: Done).
Begin typing in a Contact name to find the person in the list view (touch screen devices only).
Finding a Contact
If your Contacts list is long, you may have trouble locating the desired Contact. If so, follow these steps:
  • By default, the Contacts list is set to display items alphabetically by the individual’s name, but you can change that to display the list by company name. Go to Menu >View By, and select Company (pre-WM 5 Pocket PCs: View >By Name). This may make it easier to find the Contact if you know the company they work for.
  • You can also use the soft keyboard and begin entering a name or phone number in the provided text box until the Contact you want is displayed. This feature works best if you are displaying the list information by the individual’s name and not company. To show all Contacts again, tap the text box and clear the text, or tap the arrow to the right of the text box. (This feature is not available on non-touch screen smartphones.)
  • Tap on the alphabetical tabs displayed at the top of the Contact list to go to that part of the list. For example, tap on the tab labeled “fgh” and you’re taken to the first “F” in the list. Tap on “fgh” again and you’re taken to the first “G,” etc. (This feature is not available on smartphones.)
  • Another way to quickly move to a letter to filter by is to hold down the up or down button on the D-pad (on touch screen devices). A window in the middle of the screen will open displaying the letters of the alphabet in order, which will cycle through until you let up on the desired letter.
  • Finally, you can filter the Contacts list by categories. (See “How to set up and use Outlook Mobile categories” in this section.)
You can place a phone call or send an e-mail message from Contacts.
Calling or sending a message to a Contact
  1. Find the name of the person in the Contacts list and tap it or select it.
  2. Select the phone number you want to call or the e-mail address you want to send a message to. If you select a phone number on a device enabled with a phone, it places the call. If you select an e-mail address, you are taken to Messaging.
  3. If you are prompted, select the account you want to send the message from.
  4. Fill in the rest of the message form.
  5. Select Send.
Adjusting the column width
(Note: This option is not available on smartphones.) If you want to adjust the column width in the listing of contacts, there are two ways to get more space in a column. Go to Menu >Options (pre-WM 5: Tools >Options). Check the “Show contact names only” check box to increase the column space available to display Contact names.

TIP: If someone who isn’t in your list of Contacts calls you or sends you a message, you can create a new Contact from that. For incoming calls: Go to the Call History list and scroll to the desired number. Then select Menu >Save to Contacts. For incoming messages: Go to Messaging, open the message, and select Menu >Save to Contacts.

TIP: Deleting all Contacts on pre-WM 5 Pocket PCs: Go to the Contacts application. Open the soft keyboard and tap “Ctl” and the “A” key to select all the Contacts. Now tap and hold the stylus on the screen. The menu that appears has “Delete Contact” as an option. Tap on that option, and all your Contacts will be deleted. (This does not work on WM 5 or later devices.)
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