How to use PowerPoint Mobile

PowerPoint Mobile is built into WM 5 and WM 6 touch screen devices and most WM 6 Standard smartphones. It lets you open and view slideshow presentations saved in PowerPoint (.ppt) format. However, you cannot create or edit presentations.
Here’s how to do it:
PowerPoint Mobile lets you view PPT and PPS formatted slideshows created by the desktop PC version of PowerPoint (version 97 or later). Many of the elements built into the slideshows, including slide transitions and animations, will play back on the device. If the presentation is set up as a timed slide show, one slide automatically advances to the next. Links to URLs are also supported. However, the following features are not:
  • Notes: Notes written for slides will not be visible.
  • Rearranging or editing slides: PowerPoint Mobile is a viewer only.
  • File formats: Files created in a *.PPT format earlier than PowerPoint 97 and HTML files are not supported.
  • PowerPoint Mobile does not display thumbnails of the slides in the show.
Copying the presentation file to your device
You can do this using an ActiveSync connection, via a storage card if your PC is equipped with a card reader, or you can e-mail the .PPT file to your device as an attachment. Make sure you save it in the My Documents folder.
PowerPoint Mobile on a touch screen Pocket PC (left) and a non-touch screen smartphone (right).
Starting a slide show and moving between slides
  1. Go to Start >Programs and select PowerPoint Mobile (all WM 6 devices: Start >Office Mobile >PowerPoint Mobile). This displays a list of the presentation files in your My Documents folder.
  2. Tap on a presentation file in the list to open it. (WM 6 non-touch screen devices: Scroll down to highlight the desired file and press the action button to select it.) If the presentation is set up as a timed slide show, the slides will advance automatically.
  3. You can manually move to the next slide by pressing the right or down button on the D-pad. You can move to the previous slide by pressing on the left or up button on the D-pad.
  4. You can also select Menu >Go to Slide to display a list of the slides in the presentation. Select one from the list to display it. (Press the right soft key to display this Menu or tap and hold on the display of a touch screen device and it will pop up.)
  5. To stop the presentation, select End Show from the pop-up menu. (WM 6 non-touch screen smartphones: Press the soft key labeled “End.”)
Activate PowerPoint’s zoom function on a touch screen device (left) and a small window appears in the lower right corner of the display, allowing you to zoom in and out, and move around the enlarged slide. The Menu on non-touch screen smartphones is displayed right.
Zooming in and out in a slide
You can zoom in on a slide to see more detail, and zoom out again to see the entire slide.
  1. Open a slide show in PowerPoint Mobile and tap and hold anywhere on the display of a touch screen device until the pop-up menu appears. (WM 6 non-touch screen: Press the right soft key twice to display the menu.)
  2. Select Zoom In from the menu and wait a few seconds until the zoom screen appears (see image). By default, it zooms in on the upper left corner of the slide. You can use the D-pad to view parts of the enlarged slide that aren’t visible on the screen. (Touch screen devices: You can also use your stylus to drag the slide around. Note that when you “zoom” a slide on a touch screen device, a small window appears in the lower right corner of the screen, displaying a thumbnail of the entire slide. You can use your stylus to drag the red box around and view a different portion of the slide. You can also tap the magnifying glass icons in this window to increase or decrease the zoom.)
  3. To return to the un-zoomed view on a touch screen device, tap the small “full-screen” icon above the magnifying glass icons. You can also select Menu >Zoom Out.
Note: If the presentation is set up as a timed slide show, the presentation will pause during zooming.
Changing slide show viewing options
Open a slide show and select Menu >Show Options. This screen allows you to change the slide show viewing orientation (Portrait or Landscape) and set the playback options. (Note that if Default is selected, PowerPoint will choose what it thinks is the best orientation for the presentation.) Playback tab: If you check the box labeled “Override playback options…” additional options are displayed, allowing you to play the slideshow without animations, without transitions, and/or without media. You can also set the slideshow to loop continuously and to use or not use any timings embedded in the slideshow.
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