How to create and work with Tasks

Use the Tasks application to create, delete, edit, and organize your to-do list; change the display options, and set reminders.
Here's how to do it:
The Tasks application built into Windows Mobile devices lets you enter and organize the things you have to do. It can also remind you when they need to be done.
Tasks on touch screen devices
  • To create a new Task, tap Start >Programs >Tasks and then tap the New button (WM 6: Menu >New Task). You can enter the subject, priority, start and due dates, categories, and detailed notes about the Task. When you are done, tap OK.
  • To edit an existing Task, tap it in the Tasks list and tap the Edit button. You can change any of the above-mentioned information.
  • To delete a Task, tap and hold it in the list view and select Delete Task from the pop-up menu.
  • To mark a Task as completed, tap the check box to the left of the Task name in the list view. You can also do this by editing the Task and changing the Status field.
  • To set a Task reminder, open a new Task or edit Task screen, tap the Reminder field, and select “Remind me” from the drop-down menu. By default, you will receive a reminder at 8:00 AM on the due date. You can change the date and time in this field. To set a reminder for a Task, you must first set a due date. (Time not available on pre-WM 5 devices).
  • To change the display options, go to the Tasks list view and tap Menu >Options (pre-WM 5: Tools >Options). Then check the appropriate boxes in this screen to show start and due dates for each Task, show the Tasks entry bar, and set reminders for every new item you enter.
  • To Sort and Filter Tasks (WM 5 and 6), go to the Tasks list view, tap Menu, and select Sort By or Filter from the pop-up menu. Sort By lets you sort the list by status, priority, subject, start date, and due date. Filter lets you display Recently Viewed tasks, Active Tasks, Completed Tasks, and Tasks with a particular category assigned to them (see “How to set up and use Outlook Mobile categories” in the Using section).
  • To Sort and Filter Tasks (pre-WM 5), go to the Tasks list view and tap the small sort arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen below the X button. Then select the sort options from the drop-down menu. To Filter the Tasks list, tap the small filter arrow in the upper-left corner of the screen below the title bar, and select the filtering options from the drop-down menu.
  • To display Tasks on your Today screen, go to Start >Settings >Today, select the Items tab, and make sure the Tasks entry is selected. You can further specify which Tasks are displayed by tapping on the Options button.
Tasks on non-touch screen smartphones
The Tasks application is also found on non-touch screen smartphones, but it lacks many of the features found in the touch screen version.
  • To create a new Task, select Start >Tasks, scroll up to the Task entry field at the very top of the screen, and key in your new Task.
  • To edit an existing task on a WM 6 smartphone, highlight it in the Tasks list and press the center Select button on the D-pad. Then, press the soft key labeled “Edit.” (Note that there is no Task edit function on pre-WM 6 devices. You have to delete a Task and re-enter it, or sync it with your PC and edit it there.)
  • To delete a Task, scroll to it in the Tasks list view and select Menu >Delete task.
  • To sort or filter Tasks, go to the Tasks list view, press the Menu button, and select Sort By or Filter from the menu.
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