How to use Word Mobile on touch screen devices

You can create and edit documents and templates in Word Mobile and save them as .DOC, .RTF, .TXT, and .DOT files. You can also edit Word documents and templates created on your PC on your touch screen device by copying the files to the device via ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center.
Here's how to do it:
Opening a document
  1. Go to Start >Programs (or Office Mobile) >Word Mobile (pre-WM 5: Pocket Word).
  2. To open a new document, tap on New at the bottom left of the screen. A blank Word document will appear with the soft keyboard in the lower third of the screen.
  3. To open an existing document, tap on the document from the document list.
Important Note: Only one Word Mobile document can be open at a time. When you open a new document, Word Mobile will automatically close the current document. If you have made changes to the current document, you will be prompted to save them before you open a new document.
For more information about entering text into a new document, please see “How to customize text entry” in the Learning section.
Working with text
In Word Mobile, you can easily move, copy, and paste text within a document and between documents.
  1. Open a document in Word.
  2. Drag your stylus over the text you want to move or copy. This selects the text. (To select all text in a document, tap Menu >Edit >Select All (pre-WM 5: Edit >Select All).
  3. Tap and hold down on the selected text and the Edit menu pops up, allowing you to do the following:
  • Cut or Copy the selected text
  • Paste it elsewhere
  • Clear (delete) the text
  • Change the Paragraph style and Font (pre-WM 5: lists Font as Format)
  • Check the Spelling of the selected text
Note: If you import a Word document with an embedded graphic, you can open it in Word Mobile and the graphic will display. However, you cannot use Cut and Paste to move the graphic.
Checking spelling and doing a word count in a document
  1. In a Word Mobile document, tap and hold anywhere in the document and tap Spelling from the pop-up menu. (Pre-WM 5: Tap Tools >Spell Check.) When an unknown or misspelled word is encountered, Word Mobile offers a list of suggested words.
  2. If the word is spelled incorrectly, tap the correct word in the list. If the word is spelled correctly, tap Ignore.
To do a word count, tap Menu >Tools >Word Count (pre-WM 5: Tools >Word Count). The resulting window will display the number of words and characters in the document.
Creating a bulleted or numbered list
  1. In a Word Mobile document, select the text you want to turn into a list.
  2. Tap Menu >Format >Paragraph (pre-WM 5: Edit >Paragraph).
  3. In the List drop-down box, select Bulleted or Numbered. (Pre-WM 5: Check the Bulleted check box—the Numbered option is not available.)
  4. Tap OK to return to the document.
Other formatting options
In addition to creating lists, you can apply additional formatting to your Word Mobile document:
  • Align text in a document: Select the desired text, go to Menu >Format >Paragraph (pre-WM 5: Edit >Paragraph), and use the Alignment drop-down menu.
  • Indent paragraphs in a document: Place the cursor in the paragraph you want to indent, go to Menu >Format >Paragraph (pre-WM 5: Edit >Paragraph), and select one of the following options under Indentation:
    • Left: Change the left indentation of the entire paragraph. Right: Change the right indentation of the entire paragraph.
    • Special: Indent the first line in the paragraph or create a hanging indent. (Use the option labeled “By:” below this one to specify the size of the indent.)

Saving a document

To save and close a document, click the OK button in the top right corner. When you close a newly created document, it is automatically named after the first several words in the document and placed in the Word Mobile document list. (The document list is the default view when no document is open.) You can easily rename the document with a more meaningful name and move it to another folder or a storage card by tapping and holding on the file in the document list and selecting Rename/Move from the pop-up menu.


Select text in a Word Mobile document and use the formatting toolbar at the bottom of the screen to change alignment, create bulleted or numbered lists, and more.

The formatting toolbar

You can do most of the formatting tasks using the formatting toolbar instead of the menus. If it is not already displayed at the bottom of your screen, open a Word document and select View >Toolbar. You can also use the formatting toolbar to do the following:

  • Created bulleted or numbered lists (pre-WM 5: Bulleted only)
  • Bold, Italicize, or Underline the selected text
  • Change the alignment of the text
  • Change the font applied to the selected text (pre-WM 5 only)
  • Change the indentation of the selected text (WM 5 and 6 only)
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