How to delete temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History

If you frequently use Internet Explorer, your temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History can build up quickly. Be sure to empty these folders from time to time to free up storage space on your device.
Here's how to do it:
Deleting temporary Internet files
Web content you view with Internet Explorer Mobile is stored in a memory cache to speed up viewing the site if you go back to it. If you do a lot of browsing, this cache fills up quickly, reducing the amount of file storage space available on your device. You can free up storage space by deleting cached files as follows:
  1. In Internet Explorer Mobile, select Menu >Tools >Options >Memory (pre-WM 5 Pocket PCs: Tools >Options >Memory).
  2. Tap the Delete Files button. (Smartphones: Highlight Temporary Files and select Clear.)
  3. All pages stored on your device will be deleted, including those saved for offline browsing.
Deleting Cookies
Cookies are small text files containing information about the identity of your device and preferences you have as they relate to a specific Web site. Some sites send cookies that you may not want on your device.
For more information on Cookies, see “How to keep Internet Explorer secure” in this section.
  1. WM 5 and 6 touch screen devices: Open Internet Explorer Mobile and select Menu >Tools >Options >Security (pre-WM 5 PPCs: Tools >Options >Advanced) (smartphones: Menu >Tools >Options.)
  2. On touch screen devices, tap the Clear Cookies button to delete any cookies on your device. (Smartphones: From the Options screen, select Memory, highlight Cookies, and select Clear.)
Clearing History
To delete all the items in the History list, open Internet Explorer Mobile and follow these steps:
  1. Go to Menu >Tools >Options >Memory (pre-WM 5 PPCs: Tools >Options).
  2. Tap the Clear History button. (Smartphones: Highlight History and select Clear.)
TIP: Touch screen device users can change the number of days that links are stored in the History list from the Tools >Options >Memory page. To the left of the Clear History button is a small window that lets you specify the number of days (0 to 99) that links are saved. This feature is not available on non-touch screen smartphones.
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