How to install and use Voice Command

Install Microsoft Voice Command on your touch screen device and speak into the microphone to command it to look up Contacts, make phone calls, and more.
Here’s how to do it:
Voice Command is built into some Windows Mobile devices. If it’s not on your device, you can download a free trail version and purchase it from Note that the downloadable version is spec’d to work with pre-WM 5 devices only. Users of WM 5 and 6 devices should install the free trial version first to see if it works properly on their device.
Install and configure Voice Command
After you install the software, the Voice Command icon will appear in Start >Settings. When you start the program for the first time, you should follow these steps to optimize the program’s performance:
  1. Adjust the device’s microphone settings. Check to see if your device has a Microsoft Automatic Gain Control (AGC) setting by tapping Start >Settings >System tab. If it does, turn off AGC and set the microphone gain to medium level.
  2. Set the Voice Command button. The best way to activate Voice Command is via a hardware button. To assign a hardware button, tap Start >Settings >Buttons. Tap the button that you want to assign and select Voice Command in the “Assign a Program” drop-down list.
Using Voice Command
To use Voice Command, follow these steps:
  1. Hold your device about nine inches away from you mouth and press the hardware button that you assigned to Voice Command. You will see a microphone icon appear on the command bar.
  2. Clearly speak the command that you want to perform. For example, to call a person in your Contacts list, say “Call contact,” where “contact” is the first and last name of a Contact on your device. Voice Command will confirm your selection by repeating the name; if there are multiple phone numbers for the Contact, it will ask which number you want to dial.
  3. You can specify which Contact number to dial by saying “Call contact at location.” For example, “Call Frank McPherson at work.”
  4. To call a phone number that is not in your Contacts list, say “Dial number,” where “number” is the ten digits of the phone number.
Additional phone-related commands are Callback, to return the last call received, and Redial, to repeat the last call made. Other commands allow you to look up Calendar appointments, start programs, check battery status, and control Media Player functions.
Other voice command software
For a list of other voice command software options, go to and do a search on “voice command” in the “Search Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories” field.
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  Where is the free trial


Where is the free trial on Handango?

All the voice command software shows trials EXCEPT MS Voice Command, as shown below: 

Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 - Pocket PC US Version Use your voice to look up contacts, place calls, get calendar info, play music, and start programs - view the demo now! (Windows Mobile 5.0 required)
By: Microsoft Corporation$39.99 

 I need it for the at&t tilt.

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