Get geocaching software to make things easier

Once you have a GPS-equipped device, you can buy geocaching software to make the whole thing easier. Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine recognizes Windows Mobile programs each year with its Best Software Awards. In the 2006 awards, GPS Tuner ( won the top honor in the geocaching category, and it is available for both the Pocket PC and Smartphone. BeeLineGPS ( and GPSdash2 ( were finalists.
Geocaching software can download the latitude and longitude coordinates of multiple caches, then give you easy-to-follow prompts to help you locate the cache. It may display an arrow pointing you to the cache, tell you how far you are from it, and even display specialized maps (including topo maps) so that you can see the terrain you have to traverse on the way to your destination.
The traditional GPS navigation software that comes with most GPS units is designed for street-level navigation and provides turn-by-turn directions from one address to another. If the geocache is located next to a building or in a park, the traditional navigation software may get you close to the cache, but it's not particularly useful for off-road work.

Here's one of the good

Here's one of the good examples of such a software.
If you're a GPS user and get tired of hand-entering coordinates into your GPS receiver, downloading geocache information directly to your device is an enjoyable alternative, called "paperless geocaching". The site has data formats available to allow you to download geocaches and other waypoints for use with the various applications listed below.It's a good topic and I'm going to write a paper on it using the writing services.

With the exception of some lower-end GPS devices, you can usually purchase an interface cable and download coordinates directly to your GPS device. Even if you don't download to your GPS device you can use GPX files to help manage the geocaches you have found or plan to look for in the future. And if you have a GPS-enabled phone, consider using Trimble's Geocache Navigator or Groundspeak's Geocaching iPhone Application for real-time searches.

In order to download geocaching data from the web site, you must first agree to Groundspeak's license.

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