How to use text messaging

Text messaging allows you to send quick text messages to your family, friends, and co-workers whenever you have a data connection. To use text messaging, you must have a plan with your service operator. Most plans include a charge for text messaging, which may also apply to receiving text messages. Check with your service operator for details on charges.
Here's how to do it: 
Composing and sending a text message
  1. WM 5: In the message list, tap Menu >Switch Accounts and select Text Messaging. WM 6: Tap Text Messages in the menu list view. (Pre-WM 5 Pocket PCs: Select Accounts >Text Messaging, or SMS, depending on what your device has.) (Non-touch screen smartphones: Select Text Messages (or Messages) from the Messaging menu.)
  2. Select New (WM 6: Menu >New).
  3. Enter the text message address of one or more recipients, separating them with a semicolon. To use addresses and phone numbers from Contacts, tap To. (Pre-WM 5 PPCs: Select the Address Book icon in the task bar.) (Smartphones: Select Menu >Add Recipient.)
  4. Enter your message. To quickly add common messages, select Menu >My Text and select a desired message (pre-WM 5 PPCs: My Text). (See below for more information.)
  5. To check the spelling, tap Menu >Spell Check (pre-WM 5 PPCs: Edit >Spell Check). (Not available on smartphones.)
  6. Select Send.
TIP: If you are sending a text message and want to know if it was received, before sending the message, tap Menu >Tools >Options, tap Text Messages, and select Request delivery notifications. (WM 6: Tap Menu >Message Options and select the check box.) (Pre-WM 5 PPCs: Select Edit >Options.) (Smartphones: Select Menu >Message Options and select the check box.)
Using My Text
My Text provides a fast, easy way to add common sentences to your messages.
  1. Select Menu >My Text, and select a desired message (pre-WM 5 PPCs: My Text).
  2. To edit a My Text message, in a new message, tap Menu >My Text >Edit My Text Messages. Tap the message you want to edit and enter new text at the bottom of the screen. (Pre-WM 5 PPCs: Tap Edit >Edit My Text Messages.) (Smartphones: Select Menu >My Text and then select Menu >Edit My Text and go to the text you want to edit.)
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